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2048 Puzzle
3-Demon Classic
3D Bomber Action
3D Cyber Puck Sports
3D Pulsoid Ball & Paddle
3D World Ball & Paddle
3D Xmas Adventure: Santa's Rescue 3D Shooting
3D-Pitfall Tetris Style
3Detris Tetris Style
4D Boxing Sports
500 Traditional (Board Games)
688 Attack Sub Simulation / Strategy
A Clue's Solution Puzzle
A-Pac Classic
ABM Classic
Abmis the Lion Sidescrolling
Absence 3D Shooting
Abuse Action
Acid Tetris Tetris Style
Ack! Man Classic
AckAck Action
Acquire Traditional (Board Games)
Acrostix Puzzle
Action Supercross Driving & Racing
Admirals Command Traditional (Board Games)
ADOM Ancient Domains of Mystery Role Playing (RPG)
Adventure Adventure
Adventure Creation Kit Game Creation Systems
Adventure Fun-Pak Adventure
Adventure Game Studio Game Creation Systems
Adventure Math Educational / Kids
Adventures of Dianalee in the Lost Temple of the Aztecs Sidescrolling
Adventures of Lance, The Adventure
Adventures of Maddog Williams, The Adventure
Aethra Chronicles Role Playing (RPG)
Aggression Puzzle
Air Traffic Controller Simulation / Strategy
Aladdin Sidescrolling
Albion Role Playing (RPG)
Aldo 2: Aldo Again Sidescrolling
Aldo 3: Aldo's Assault Sidescrolling
Aldo's Adventure Sidescrolling
Alex the Allegator 2 Puzzle
Alien Attack Space Shooting
Alien Attack Space Shooting
Alien Cabal 3D Shooting
Alien Carnage Sidescrolling
Alien Phobia Action
Alien Poker Traditional (Board Games)
Alien Rampage Sidescrolling
Alien River Simulation / Strategy
Alien Trilogy 3D Shooting
Alien Worlds Action
Aliens Action
Alley Cat Classic
Alley Driver Driving & Racing
Alone In The Dark Adventure
Alpha Man Puzzle
AlphaMan Role Playing (RPG)
Amado Puzzle
Amazing Action
Amazing Learning Games With Rayman Sidescrolling
Amazing Maze Puzzle
Amazon Snake Action
Amazon: Guardians of Eden Adventure
Amulets & Armor Role Playing (RPG)
Amy's First Primer Educational / Kids
Amy's Fun-2-3 Adventure Educational / Kids
Anacreon Simulation / Strategy
Ancient Heroes Role Playing (RPG)
Ancients 1: Death Watch Role Playing (RPG)
Angband Role Playing (RPG)
ANIMAC Space Shooting
Animal Quest Educational / Kids
Animated Clock Educational / Kids
ANSiDude Adventure
Ant Attack Action
Ant Run Puzzle
Antarctic Adventure Classic
AntiC Puzzle
Antman Sidescrolling
Ants Puzzle
Apocalypse Abyss Puzzle
Apocalypse Cow Action
Apples & Oranges Traditional (Board Games)
Aqua Man Puzzle
Aquanoid Ball & Paddle
Arcade Volleyball Sports
Arctic Adventure Sidescrolling
Arcy 2 Puzzle
Arena Simulation / Strategy
Argh Puzzle
Argo Checkers Traditional (Board Games)
Argon Space Shooting
Ario Bros Classic
Ariva Puzzle
Armchair Quarterback Sports
Aro Sidescrolling
Around the World Sidescrolling
Around the World Trivia Miscellaneous
Around the World Xmas Sidescrolling
Arqanoid Ball & Paddle
ASCII DOOM Miscellaneous
ASCII Invaders Classic
AsciiQuest Game Creation Systems
Aspetra Role Playing (RPG)
Assault Trooper Action
Assault Wing Action
Astro3D 3D Shooting
Astrofire Space Shooting
AT-Robots Miscellaneous
Attack of Green Slimey Space Scum Space Shooting
Autobots Puzzle
Avanor Role Playing (RPG)
Avenger Space Shooting
Avoid the Awful Thing that Vaguely Resembles a Banana!! Miscellaneous
Axia Space Shooting
AxTrons Action
Azalta Role Playing (RPG)
B.A.D Space Shooting
Babytype Educational / Kids
Backgammon Traditional (Board Games)
Backlash Action
Ball Blaster Puzzle
Ball Blazing Fantasy Action
Ballgame 2 Action
Ballistic Puzzle
Balloon Challenge Puzzle
Balloons Educational / Kids
Balloonz Action
Balltris Tetris Style
BananaTron Action
Bananoid Ball & Paddle
Bandor: The Search for the Storm Giant King Role Playing (RPG)
Banyon Wars Simulation / Strategy
Bap Ball & Paddle
BarBar Action
Baroll Puzzle
Baron Baldric: A Grave Overture Sidescrolling
Baron von Evil's Mansion Adventure
Barren Planet Simulation / Strategy
BARS Tetris Style
Baryon Space Shooting
Baseball Sports
Basstour Sports
Bat 'n Ball Ball & Paddle
Batfish Simulation / Strategy
Battle Arena Toshinden Action
Battle Bugs Simulation / Strategy
Battle Cheese Simulation / Strategy
Battle Fleet Traditional (Board Games)
Battle for Atlantis Simulation / Strategy
Battle Ground Simulation / Strategy
Battle of Kursk, The Simulation / Strategy
Battle of the Elements Puzzle
Battle of the Eras Action
Battle Ship Traditional (Board Games)
Battleship Traditional (Board Games)
Battlezone Tank Game Classic
BC Racers Driving & Racing
Beasley's Deathtrap Adventure
Beast Action
Beat the Bomb Educational / Kids
Beats Of Rage Action
Beauty and the Beast Educational / Kids
Beetris Tetris Style
Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation Simulation / Strategy
Beneath A Steel Sky Adventure
Beneath Apple Manor Role Playing (RPG)
Bert and the Snake Action
Bert Higgins: The Man From HELL Action
Bert's Christmas Educational / Kids
Bert's Dinosaurs Educational / Kids
Betrayal at Krondor Role Playing (RPG)
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Action
Beyond Columns Tetris Style
Beyond the Abyss Action
Bible Crossword Puzzles Traditional (Board Games)
Big 2 Traditional (Board Games)
Big Guns Action
Big Red Racing Driving & Racing
Big Rig Simulation / Strategy
Bill Blast Action
Billy Miscellaneous
Billy the Kid Returns! Sidescrolling
Bio Menace Sidescrolling
Bipbop 2 Ball & Paddle
Bipbop 3 Ball & Paddle
BIPROLEX+ Ball & Paddle
Bips Puzzle
Birthday Game, The Puzzle
Black Box Puzzle
Black Box, The Puzzle
Black Cauldron, The Adventure
Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter Simulation / Strategy
Blackstar - Agent of Justice Adventure
Blackthorne Sidescrolling
Blake Stone 3D Shooting
Blam! Machinehead 3D Shooting
Blast Brigade Four Action
Blast Zone Space Shooting
Blind Maze Action
Blind Wars Simulation / Strategy
Blinky 2 Adventure
Blinky 3 Sidescrolling
Blitz Action
Blob Tetris Style
Block Man II Puzzle
Block-Man Puzzle
Block-o-Mania Puzzle
Blockage Ball & Paddle
Blockout Tetris Style
Blocks Puzzle
Blocks From Hell Tetris Style
Blood 3D Shooting
Blots Puzzle
Bloxinies Puzzle
Bloxinies II Puzzle
Blue Balls Action
Blues Brothers, The Sidescrolling
Bluppo Puzzle
BOB Sidescrolling
Bob and His Amazing Journey Home Puzzle
Bob the Hamster Puzzle
Bob's Dragon Hunt Role Playing (RPG)
Bob's Fury Sidescrolling
Body Blows Action
Bog Traditional (Board Games)
Boggled Traditional (Board Games)
Bolitaire Traditional (Board Games)
Bolo Adventures Puzzle
Bolo Adventures II Puzzle
Bolo Adventures III Puzzle
Bolo Ball Puzzle
Bolo Box Puzzle
Bomb Seeker Puzzle
Bomb-Run Action
BombAway Simulation / Strategy
Bomber Action
Bombjack Sidescrolling
Bombs & Bugs Action
Bombs Away! Puzzle
Bones Role Playing (RPG)
Boom Master Action
Boomerang Action
Boppin Puzzle
Borderworld Adventure
Boulder Dash Classic
Bouldermouse Puzzle
Boulderoid Classic
Bounce Puzzle
Bounce Zone Ball & Paddle
Bouncing Babies Action
Bowling Champ Simulation / Strategy
BRAINdead2 Educational / Kids
BrainStorm Pro Puzzle
Break Machine Ball & Paddle
Break Through Bukulu Ball & Paddle
Breakfree Ball & Paddle
Breakin Ball & Paddle
Breakout Ball & Paddle
Breakout! Ball & Paddle
Brick Jumper! II Action
Bricks Traditional (Board Games)
Bricks Ball & Paddle
Bridge Hopper Action
BridgePal Traditional (Board Games)
Brix Puzzle
Brudal Baddle Action
Brutal: Paws of Fury Action
Bubble Crack Puzzle
Bubble Jeopardy Action
Bubble Pop Classic
Bubble Trouble Puzzle
Bug Shoot Action
Bug World Action
Bugman's Bad Trip Sidescrolling
Bugs! Classic
Buick Dimensions Sports
Bulls and Bears Simulation / Strategy
Bumpmaze Action
Burps, The Action
Bust-a-Move 2 Puzzle
C-Dogs Action
C-Robots Miscellaneous
Caddiehack Golf Sports
Campaign Simulation / Strategy
Cannon Fodder Action
Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg Push-Push Puzzle
Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness Educational / Kids
Captain Comic Sidescrolling
Captain Eric Action
Captain Spleen Adventure
Captain Spleen II Adventure
Capture the Flag Simulation / Strategy
Captured by Pirates! Simulation / Strategy
CAR Sidescrolling
Cardmania Traditional (Board Games)
Carmageddon Action
Carser Driving & Racing
Cash Invaders Space Shooting
Castle Adventure Adventure
Castle Master Adventure
Castle Siege Simulation / Strategy
Castles II: Siege & Conquest Simulation / Strategy
Castles of Mew Adventure
Catacomb Action
Catacomb Abyss 3D Shooting
Catacombs of Nemon Action
Catch 'Em Classic
Catch if you Can Sports
Catch Simona in New York City Educational / Kids
Catch the Kreis Action
Cave Speed Action
Cavequest Role Playing (RPG)
Cavern of the Evil Wizard Adventure
Caverns of Xaskazien Role Playing (RPG)
Caverns of Zoarre Role Playing (RPG)
Caves of Thor Adventure
CD-Man Classic
Cendric's Quest Adventure
Chain Reaction Tetris Style
Chain Reaction Puzzle
CHAMP Asterocks Classic
CHAMP Galagon Classic
CHAMP Galaxia Classic
CHAMP Kong Classic
Charlie II Sidescrolling
Charlie the Duck Sidescrolling
Charly the Clown Sidescrolling
Chartwars Simulation / Strategy
Chase Action
Chase Action
Chasm: The Rift 3D Shooting
Cheesy Invaders Space Shooting
Chess88 Traditional (Board Games)
Chesshousers Puzzle
Chesterland Adventure Adventure
Chex Quest 3D Shooting
Chex Quest 2 3D Shooting
Chexo Traditional (Board Games)
Chickie Egg Sidescrolling
Chinese Checkers Traditional (Board Games)
Chompsters Classic
Choose an Enemy Action
Chopper Commando Action
Christmas Carnage Action
Christmas Matchup Educational / Kids
Christmas Tree Construction Kit Miscellaneous
Chronicles of Galia: The First Mission Role Playing (RPG)
Chub Gam 3D 3D Shooting
Cindy's Lemonade Stand Educational / Kids
Cipher Puzzle
Circle Link Puzzle
Clash of Spears Simulation / Strategy
Classic Jumpman Classic
Claw Puzzle
CleanUp Puzzle
Click '98 Puzzle
Clif Danger Sidescrolling
Clone Puzzle
Clone Invader Classic
Clown Sidescrolling
Clue Traditional (Board Games)
Clyde's Adventure Sidescrolling
Clyde's Revenge Sidescrolling
Coaster Miscellaneous
Cobra Action
Cobra Gunship Action
Cochese Puzzle
CoffeeBreak Card Games Traditional (Board Games)
Cold Dreams Sidescrolling
Color Balls Tetris Style
Combat Zone Simulation / Strategy
Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter Sidescrolling
Commander Keen: Keen Dreams Sidescrolling
Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars Sidescrolling
Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle Sidescrolling
Computer Trivia Quiz Educational / Kids
Computer Underground Simulation / Strategy
Computer Wars Simulation / Strategy
Connectris Tetris Style
Connex Puzzle
Construction Bob Escapes from Hell Action
Construction Bob in the Bouncing Factory Ball & Paddle
Continuing Adventures of Cyberbox Puzzle
Continuum Miscellaneous
Cool Cat Part 1 Sidescrolling
Cool Spot Sidescrolling
Cops & Crops Action
Copter Strike Classic
Core War Miscellaneous
CoreWar Plus Miscellaneous
Corncob 3D Simulation / Strategy
Corridor 7 3D Shooting
Cosimo Role Playing (RPG)
Cosmo Chicken Classic
Cosmo Dragon Space Shooting
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Sidescrolling
Cow War Simulation / Strategy
Crash Action
Crates Puzzle
Crawly-Pede Classic
Crayon Box Educational / Kids
Crazy Cows Simulation / Strategy
Crazy Drake Sidescrolling
Crazy Eights Traditional (Board Games)
Crazy Shuffle Educational / Kids
Crazy Sue Sidescrolling
Creepers: Christmas Puzzle
Creeps Action
Cribbage Solitaire Traditional (Board Games)
Crime Fighter Simulation / Strategy
Crime Lab Educational / Kids
Crimson Crown, The Adventure
Cross Country Trucking Simulation / Strategy
Cross of Insanity Puzzle
Cruncher Classic
Crusher Puzzle
Crusher Castle 2 Puzzle
Crystal Caves Sidescrolling
Crystal Jane Sidescrolling
Crystal Madness Puzzle
Cube Traditional (Board Games)
Cuber Tetris Style
Cukeland Adventure Sidescrolling
Cultural Awareness Miscellaneous
Cunning Football Sports
Cyber Chopper Space Shooting
Cyberbox Puzzle
Cyberbox 2 Puzzle
Cyberdogs Action
CyberPony Simulation / Strategy
Cybersphere Ball & Paddle
Cybersphere Plus Ball & Paddle
Cycle Warz Action
Cyril Cyberpunk Sidescrolling
D/Generation Action
Da Tetris Style
Dangerous Dave Sidescrolling
Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement Sidescrolling
Dark Ages Sidescrolling
Dark Ages I: The Continents Role Playing (RPG)
Dark Convergence, The Adventure
Dark Forces 3D Shooting
Dark Passages Adventure
Dark Phear Role Playing (RPG)
Dark Woods Adventure
Dark Woods 2 Adventure
Dark Woods 2 Graphical Remake Adventure
Darkest Night Adventure
Darkwolf Sidescrolling
David's Kong Classic
Daymare 1 Role Playing (RPG)
Daymare 2 Role Playing (RPG)
DBQuest Role Playing (RPG)
DC Games Game Creation Systems
Dead of Night Sidescrolling
Deadly Maze Action
Death by Backgammon Traditional (Board Games)
Death by Dark Shadows Sidescrolling
Death Rally Driving & Racing
Death Taxi 3000 Action
Deathball Incarnate Sidescrolling
Deathrace Action
Dedale Puzzle
Deep Fortress Space Shooting
Deep II Action
DEFCON 1 Classic
Defender Classic
Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery Adventure
Demon Adventure
Denarius Avaricius Sextus Adventure
Dentureman Action
Depth Dwellers 3D Shooting
Descent 3D Shooting
Descent 2 3D Shooting
Desert Storm Command Action
Destruction Derby Simulation / Strategy
Detective Agency Puzzle
DiaMaze Puzzle
Diamond Ball 3 Puzzle
Diamond Dash Sidescrolling
Diamonds Puzzle
Dig It! Sidescrolling
Digger Classic
Diggers Puzzle
Diggory Action
Digibrain Educational / Kids
Digital League Baseball Sports
Dinosaur Predators Educational / Kids
Disk Crash Action
Dismal Passages Adventure
Doc Defiant Traditional (Board Games)
Dodgem Action
Donald Duck's Playground Educational / Kids
Donkey Classic
DOOM 3D Shooting
DOOM 2D Sidescrolling
Doom The Roguelike Role Playing (RPG)
Dork's Dreams Sidescrolling
Dosmine Puzzle
Dotso Puzzle
Double Blocks Tetris Style
Double Pacman Classic
Double Snake Action
Doublelink Tetris Style
Doublespyguy Sidescrolling
Doubolo Puzzle
Dr Mario Tetris Style
Dr Rudy Tetris Style
Dr Rudy 2 Puzzle
Dr. Mind Traditional (Board Games)
Dr. Sleeptite and the Nightmare Factory Sidescrolling
Dr. Spoc Miscellaneous
Dracula in London Adventure
Dragon's Mandate Adventure
Dragon's Shard Role Playing (RPG)
Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II Traditional (Board Games)
Drake Snake and the Secret Crypt Sidescrolling
Draw Poker Traditional (Board Games)
DreamWeb Adventure
Dreamworld Adventure Sidescrolling
DressMeUp Educational / Kids
Drilling Billy Action
Drip Tetris Style
Drug Wars Simulation / Strategy
Drum Blaster Miscellaneous
Dschump! Action
DTQ Puzzle
Duck Hunt Action
Ducks Puzzle
Duel Action
Dueling Dragons Action
DUFF Puzzle
Duke Nukem Sidescrolling
Duke Nukem 2 Sidescrolling
Duke Nukem 3D 3D Shooting
Dungeon Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeon Crawl Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeon Explorer Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeon Hack Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeon Quest Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeon Thief Adventure
Dungeons of Death Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeons of Drakklor Action
Dungeons of Grimlor Adventure
Dungeons of Grimlor 2 Adventure
Dungeons of Kairn Role Playing (RPG)
Dungeons of Noudar Role Playing (RPG)
Dunjax Sidescrolling
Duracell: Run the Bunny 3D Shooting
Dustman Puzzle
Dynamic Space Shooting
DynaMine Tetris Style
Dynamo Draughts Traditional (Board Games)
Dzzee Action
Eamon Role Playing (RPG)
Earth Invasion Space Shooting
Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 Sidescrolling
Eat It Classic
EcoMaster Simulation / Strategy
EdChess Traditional (Board Games)
EGA Poker Traditional (Board Games)
EGA Roids Classic
EGA Solitaire Traditional (Board Games)
EGA Trek Simulation / Strategy
EGA-Spider Traditional (Board Games)
EGABOMB and VGABOMB Simulation / Strategy
Egawalls Ball & Paddle
Elder Scrolls: Arena Role Playing (RPG)
Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Role Playing (RPG)
Electranoid Ball & Paddle
Electro Man Sidescrolling
Electron Havoc Simulation / Strategy
Electronic Aggravation Traditional (Board Games)
Elevators from Hell Action
Elfland Sidescrolling
Eliza Miscellaneous
Emerald Hunt Puzzle
Emergency Mission Space Shooting
Enchantasy: Quest For The Eternal Grimoire Role Playing (RPG)
Encroaching Gloom Simulation / Strategy
Enigma Ball & Paddle
Enigmacross Traditional (Board Games)
Epic Baseball Sports
Epic Pinball Simulation / Strategy
Eradicator 3D Shooting
Escape from Dr. Colosso 3D Shooting
Escape from Station 7 Space Shooting
Escape From The Ascii Trolls Adventure
Euchre Traditional (Board Games)
Evasive Maneuvers Space Shooting
Everest: Iceman's Apprentice Simulation / Strategy
Evets Role Playing (RPG)
Evil Crypt Adventure
Evolve! Lite Simulation / Strategy
Excelsior Phase One: Lysandia Role Playing (RPG)
Executioners Action
Exploding Atoms Puzzle
Extreme Pinball Simulation / Strategy
F-Tetris Tetris Style
F.Godmom Puzzle
FacesTris Tetris Style
FaceTrex Puzzle
Falcon 3.0 Simulation / Strategy
Fall-Zone II Puzzle
Fallout Tetris Style
Fantastic Roboworld Sidescrolling
Fatal Choice Action
Fatal Fumes Driving & Racing
Fate 3D Shooting
Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise Educational / Kids
FBI Fred Sidescrolling
Fencing Puzzle
Fiddle Puzzle
Final Impact Space Shooting
Fire & Ice Sidescrolling
Fire and Ice Space Shooting
Fire Fighter Simulation / Strategy
Flagger Puzzle
Flatworm II Action
Fleet Sweep Space Shooting
Flight Action Simulation / Strategy
Flight of the Boodles Simulation / Strategy
Flightmare Space Shooting
Flip-It Traditional (Board Games)
Floatris Tetris Style
Floppy Bird Classic
FlowerPower Puzzle
Flux Traditional (Board Games)
Flying Tigers Space Shooting
Flynn Sprint Sidescrolling
Food Boy Christmas 2000 Action
Food Boy Christmas Edition Action
Food Boy Christmas Edition 2 Action
Fool's Errand Puzzle
Football Fanatic Sports
Ford Simulator III Simulation / Strategy
Forzee Traditional (Board Games)
Four Traditional (Board Games)
Four-Way Ball & Paddle
Fourth Generation, The Space Shooting
Fowl Play Action
fRaBs Action
Fracas Action
Framed Sidescrolling
Frazzle! Traditional (Board Games)
Freak Farm, The Role Playing (RPG)
Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist Adventure
Fretris Tetris Style
Friday Night Poker Traditional (Board Games)
Frog Man Classic
Fruit Land Puzzle
Fruit Salad Puzzle
Fruitbank Miscellaneous
FUE Adventure
Funballs Puzzle
Fungal Man Puzzle
FunkBots Miscellaneous
Funky Bubbles Puzz Tetris Style
Funny Face Educational / Kids
Fury Action
Fury of the Furries Sidescrolling
Fusion Tetris Style
Future Blocks Tetris Style
Fuzzy's World Of Miniature Space Golf Sports
FX Racer Driving & Racing
G-Quest Puzzle
G-Stones 3 Ball & Paddle
Gaia Educational / Kids
Galacta: The Battle for Saturn Space Shooting
Galactic Battle Space Shooting
Galactic Food Fight Space Shooting
Galactic Gorch Space Shooting
Galactix Adventure
Galactix Space Shooting
Galactix II Adventure
Galaga 94 Classic
Galaxi Space Shooting
Game Builder Lite Game Creation Systems
Game With No Name Sidescrolling
Game-Maker Game Creation Systems
Games Magazine Presents Word Puzzles Traditional (Board Games)
Gamescape Game Creation Systems
Gates of Integrity Role Playing (RPG)
Gateworld Sidescrolling
Gemma Traditional (Board Games)
Gemstones Ball & Paddle
Gemworld Adventure
General Budda's Labyrinth Adventure
Genocide Simulation / Strategy
Get 5! Traditional (Board Games)
Get Lost! Miscellaneous
Get Piste! Action
Giana Sisters 32k Sidescrolling
Giant Space Slug Action
Giddy 3 Sidescrolling
Girlfriend Construction Set Miscellaneous
Gladiator Action
Globber Traditional (Board Games)
Glook Space Shooting
Gnasher Action
Goal 94 Sports
Gobliiins Adventure
Gobliins 2 Adventure
Gobman Classic
God Of Thunder Adventure
Gods Sidescrolling
Goferpop Miscellaneous
Gold Mine Run! Sidescrolling
Gold Runner Sidescrolling
Golden Flute IV: The Flute of Immortality Role Playing (RPG)
Goldhunt Puzzle
Goldrunner Action
Googol Math Games Educational / Kids
Gopher's Garden Action
Gore Galore 3D Shooting
Gotcha Classic
Grand Prix Driving & Racing
Grand Theft Auto Action
Grape Vine Educational / Kids
Gravedigger Puzzle
Gravity Force Space Shooting
Great Space Shit III, The Space Shooting
Green Simulation / Strategy
Grid Poker Puzzle
Grime Action
Gripple Puzzle
Ground War Action
GroundFire Space Shooting
Guimo Sidescrolling
Gun Boat Duck Hunt Action
GunCrib Action
Guns 'R' Us Simulation / Strategy
H.U.R.L 3D Shooting
H2O Puzzle
Hamburger Hell Sidescrolling
Hamster's Adventure 3D Shooting
Hamsters Puzzle
Hang!man Traditional (Board Games)
HangMan! Traditional (Board Games)
Hangtetris Tetris Style
Hank's Quest: Victim of Society Adventure
Happyland Adventures Sidescrolling
Happyland Adventures: X-mas Edition Sidescrolling
Hardball 4 Sports
Haunted House Adventure
Head Banger Puzzle
Heartlight Puzzle
Hearts Attack! Traditional (Board Games)
Heavy Water Jogger Adventure
Hedgehog Sidescrolling
Helious Puzzle
Helious 2 Puzzle
Hera: Sword Of Rhin Role Playing (RPG)
Heretic 3D Shooting
Hero's Heart Puzzle
Heroes Action
Heros: The Sanguine Seven Sidescrolling
Hexen 3D Shooting
Hexplode Traditional (Board Games)
Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard Role Playing (RPG)
Hexxagon Puzzle
Hidden Fields Action
High Sea Homicide Adventure
Highway Hunter Space Shooting
Hitblock Puzzle
Hocus Pocus Sidescrolling
Holiday Serpent Action
Home Run Derby Sports
Hong Kong Mahjong Traditional (Board Games)
Hooops Sports
Hoosier City Adventure
Horrorscopes Miscellaneous
Hostile Takeover Simulation / Strategy
House, The Adventure
Hoverski Sports
How-Two Build a Robot Action
Hubie Sidescrolling
Hugo 2: Whodunit? Adventure
Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom Adventure
Hugo's House of Horrors Adventure
Humbug Adventure
Hunchback Sidescrolling
Hunchback 96 Sidescrolling
Hunt, The Action
Hurkle Hunt Puzzle
I Can't Believe It's Not Bomberman Action
Iago Traditional (Board Games)
Ice Kiss Sidescrolling
Igor: Objective Uikokahonia Adventure
Impact Ball & Paddle
Imperium Rex Simulation / Strategy
In Search Of Dr Riptide Action
In the Dead of Night Adventure
Incredible Machine 2, The Puzzle
Incredible Machine, The Puzzle
Incunabula: The Unspoken Secrets Role Playing (RPG)
Indenture Adventure
Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation Sidescrolling
Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis Adventure
Infernal Tome Role Playing (RPG)
Infiltrator Sidescrolling
Infinitris Tetris Style
Inner Worlds Sidescrolling
Insanity Adventure
International Bridge Contractors Simulation / Strategy
International Ninja Rabbits Sidescrolling
Interpose Space Shooting
Interpose Xmas Greetings Space Shooting
Invaders 1978 Classic
Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom Space Shooting
Ion Puzzle
IQ Challenge Miscellaneous
Iron Blood Sidescrolling
Island Hopper Space Shooting
Islands Of Danger Action
Isle Wars Simulation / Strategy
IVAN Role Playing (RPG)
Jack Flash Sidescrolling
Jack in the Dark Adventure
Jagged Alliance Simulation / Strategy
Jagtris Tetris Style
Jamball Action
Janitor Joe Sidescrolling
Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet Sidescrolling
Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet, In 'Unfinished Business' Puzzle
Jasper's Journeys Sidescrolling
Jazz Jackrabbit Sidescrolling
Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994 Sidescrolling
Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1995 Sidescrolling
Jelly Bean Factory, The Puzzle
Jellyfish Action
Jetfighter III Simulation / Strategy
Jetman Action
Jetpack Sidescrolling
Jetpack Christmas Special Sidescrolling
Jetset Simulation / Strategy
Jewelry Tetris Style
Jill of the Jungle Sidescrolling
Joe Puzzle
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Sidescrolling
Joe Snow Sidescrolling
Joust VGA Classic
Joyous Rebel Role Playing (RPG)
JumbleSquares Puzzle
Jump'n'bump Action
Jumpjet Action
Jumpman Lives! Sidescrolling
Jungle Jack Puzzle
Kaboom Action
Kaos 3D Shooting
Kapture Action
Kasia Adventure
Kasino Keno Miscellaneous
Katharsis Space Shooting
KBall Action
Ken's Labyrinth 3D Shooting
Kentris Tetris Style
Kerboom! Classic
Kid Sidescrolling
Kill the Barney Puzzle
Killer Bees Action
Kiloblaster Space Shooting
King Arthur's K.O.R.T Simulation / Strategy
Kingdom of Kroz Adventure
Kingdom of Syree Role Playing (RPG)
Kingdom of Syree II Role Playing (RPG)
Kitty of Death Action
Kix Classic
Klass of 99 Adventure
Know It? DOS Educational / Kids
Koolah Miscellaneous
Kosmonaut Action
KRaptor Space Shooting
Krazy-Christmas Educational / Kids
Kriskros Educational / Kids
Krypto Puzzle
Krypton Egg Ball & Paddle
Kung Fu Louie Action
L. Runner 2 Sidescrolling
Labrynth of Zeux Sidescrolling
Lacewing Space Shooting
Ladder Man Puzzle
Ladder Man 3 Puzzle
Lady Bug Classic
Lala Prologue Sidescrolling
Lamers Miscellaneous
Land of the Wonce, The Role Playing (RPG)
Landlord Traditional (Board Games)
Larax & Zaco Sidescrolling
LARN Role Playing (RPG)
Larry Vales: Traffic Division Adventure
Laser Light Puzzle
Last Half of Darkness Adventure
Last Knight at Camelot Sidescrolling
Last of the Free Space Shooting
Lava Cap Puzzle
Lawn Mower Simulation / Strategy
Leaper Classic
Legend of Saladir Role Playing (RPG)
Legend of the Silver Talisman Role Playing (RPG)
Legends of Valour Role Playing (RPG)
Lemmings Puzzle
Lemmings 3D Winterland Puzzle
Lemmings at War Simulation / Strategy
Letter Attack Educational / Kids
Letter Targets Educational / Kids
Lexi-Cross Puzzle
Lexter Puzzle
Leygref's Castle Role Playing (RPG)
LHX Attack Chopper Simulation / Strategy
Liero Action
Light Cycle Action
LineWars II 3D Shooting
Link-Four Traditional (Board Games)
Lion King Sidescrolling
Liquid War 5 Action
Little Pixy 2, The Sidescrolling
Little Willy Sidescrolling
Lizard Sidescrolling
Llamatron 2112 Action
Loader Larry Puzzle
Lobster Simulation / Strategy
Lock 'N' Chase Classic
Lode Runner Live Sidescrolling
Logger Action
Logo Educational / Kids
Lomax Coltris Tetris Style
Loom Adventure
Loonies 8192 Tetris Style
Lords of Doom: The Black God Role Playing (RPG)
Loser Ball Puzzle
Lost 2 Adventure
Lost Clown, The Sidescrolling
Lost Vikings, The Sidescrolling
Love Manager Action
Lunatix Adventure
Lure of the Temptress Adventure
Lynq Puzzle
Machine Nation Space Shooting
Mack's Domino Parlor Traditional (Board Games)
Mad Painter Action
Madball Action
Madman Role Playing (RPG)
MadMaze Puzzle
MadMix Classic
Magenta's Maze Miscellaneous
Magic Carpet 3D Shooting
Magic Crayon Educational / Kids
Magic Maycabs Sidescrolling
Magic Maze Puzzle
Magic Mushroom Sidescrolling
Magic Olymp Action
Magic Pockets Sidescrolling
Magics I Puzzle
MagiDuck Sidescrolling
Magus Role Playing (RPG)
Mah Jongg Solitaire Traditional (Board Games)
Main Break Puzzle
Majestic Dominion Traditional (Board Games)
Majik Adventure
Major Stryker Space Shooting
Mama Soybean's Delicious Oyster Sauce Puzzle
Man Who Had a Boat, The Action
Manhole Action
Manic Miner Sidescrolling
Marble Guess Traditional (Board Games)
Marble Man Puzzle
Marble Mayhem Puzzle
Mario & Luigi Sidescrolling
Mario Teaches Typing Educational / Kids
Mario VGA Classic
Marshmallow Duel Action
Martian Memorandum Adventure
Master Traditional (Board Games)
Master Won Liu's Escape from Dr Chang's Dungeon Action
Mastermind Traditional (Board Games)
Match 'Em Educational / Kids
Math Assault I: Word Problems Educational / Kids
Math Castle Educational / Kids
Math Rescue Educational / Kids
Mather Educational / Kids
Matrix Tetris Style
Matter Blaster 2 Action
MaxMan Action
Maxtris Tetris Style
Maze Mission Adventure Game Puzzle
Maze Quest Role Playing (RPG)
Maze Runner Action
Maze Runner 3-D Puzzle
Maze Wars 3D Shooting
Mazeball Traditional (Board Games)
MazeMan Puzzle
Mean Mini Golf Sports
Mechwar Simulation / Strategy
Mega Man X Sidescrolling
Megagopoly Simulation / Strategy
MegaMania-PC Space Shooting
Megapede'95 Classic
Megatris Tetris Style
Megatron VGA Action
Megazeux Game Creation Systems
Mel Odius goes Six String Searchin Adventure
Memory Hog Hunter Action
Men in War Action
Menace of Dr Spoil Sport 3D Shooting
Meteor Action
Meteor Mission Classic
Mice Maze Puzzle
Mice Men Puzzle
Mice Moves Puzzle
Mickey's Space Adventure Adventure
Micro Machines Driving & Racing
Micro! Deluxe Puzzle
Micro's Dilemma II Puzzle
Microlink Crux Puzzle
MicroLink Loyd Traditional (Board Games)
MicroLink Shut the Box Traditional (Board Games)
Micropede Classic
Mideval Adventure
Mike's Adventure Game Role Playing (RPG)
Mille Bornes Traditional (Board Games)
Mimi & the Mites Sidescrolling
Mind Warp Traditional (Board Games)
Mindcube Action
Mindgames DOS Collection Puzzle
Mindxpander Educational / Kids
Mine Bombers Action
Mine Field Puzzle
Mine! Puzzle
Minefield For Everybody Puzzle
Minefield! Puzzle
Minelayer Action
MinerVGA Simulation / Strategy
Minesweeper Puzzle
Mini Golf Mania Sports
Mini Prince Sidescrolling
Miniwar Action
Mirkwood Forest Role Playing (RPG)
Mirror Maze Action
Missile Attack Classic
Mission: Mainframe Role Playing (RPG)
Mixed World Action
Modern Problems Puzzle
Molefest Puzzle
MoleZ Action
Monkey Island, The Secret of Adventure
Monopoly Traditional (Board Games)
Monopoly Traditional (Board Games)
Monopoly (Hoops) Traditional (Board Games)
Monster Bash Sidescrolling
Monuments of Mars Sidescrolling
Morabis Role Playing (RPG)
Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven Role Playing (RPG)
Moraff's Entrap Puzzle
Moraff's Escapade Sidescrolling
Moraff's Monster Bridge Traditional (Board Games)
Moraff's Monster Memory Educational / Kids
Moraff's Morejongg Traditional (Board Games)
Moraff's Pinball Simulation / Strategy
Moraff's Revenge Role Playing (RPG)
Moraff's Stones Traditional (Board Games)
Moraff's World Role Playing (RPG)
Morbius' Isthmus Role Playing (RPG)
Moria Role Playing (RPG)
Morkin 2 Simulation / Strategy
Mortal Kombat 2 Action
Mortal Kombat 3 Action
Mortal Pong Ball & Paddle
Mortar Mayhem Simulation / Strategy
Mother Goose Game Educational / Kids
Motor Mania Driving & Racing
Mr Boom Action
Mr Muncher Classic
Mr. Pibb - The 3D Interactive Game 3D Shooting
Ms Pac-Em Classic
Ms Pacman PC Classic
Ms. Piggy Bank Educational / Kids
Muck Men from Mars Classic
Multiplex Action
Mummies Action
Munch Man Classic
MunchGuy Classic
Murder Cruise Miscellaneous
Mustang Space Shooting
Mutant Earth Sidescrolling
MX7 Puzzle
Myman Classic
Mysterious Song Role Playing (RPG)
Mysterious Worlds Sidescrolling
Mystic Towers Adventure
Mythmaster Adventure
Nacho Blaster Space Shooting
Nagual Action
Nahlakh Role Playing (RPG)
NanoTech Sidescrolling
Nebula Fighter Space Shooting
Need For Slowness, The Action
Need for Speed Driving & Racing
Nephew's Puzzle Pack Traditional (Board Games)
Nerakian Adventure Role Playing (RPG)
Nethack Role Playing (RPG)
Neut Tower Puzzle
New Dash Dimension Puzzle
New Year's Mystery Adventure
NHL 96 Sports
NHL Hockey Simulation / Strategy
Nibbler Action
Nibbles Action
Nicolausi Action
Night Fire Simulation / Strategy
Night Raid Action
Ninja Sidescrolling
Ninja Blitz Action
Niosa Adventure
Nippon Safes, Inc Adventure
Nitemare 3D 3D Shooting
No-Pity Island Sidescrolling
Nogginnockers Ball & Paddle
Nogginnockers 2 Ball & Paddle
Noose Traditional (Board Games)
Notes Puzzle
NOW Traditional (Board Games)
NRMaze Puzzle
Number Munchers Educational / Kids
Numbers & Logic I Puzzle
Numjump Sidescrolling
Numlo Puzzle
Nyet Tetris Style
Nyet 3: The Revenge of the Mutant Stones Tetris Style
Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator, The Simulation / Strategy
Offroad Classic
Oh No! More Lemmings Puzzle
OHR RPG CE Game Creation Systems
Oilcap Puzzle
Omega Role Playing (RPG)
One Arm Bandit Miscellaneous
One Must Fall 2097 Action
Oo-Topos Adventure
Oozes Sidescrolling
Operation Body Count 3D Shooting
Operation Carnage Action
Operation Spacehog Space Shooting
Orb Wars Action
Orbots Space Shooting
Orion Odyssey, The Sidescrolling
OSBIT Sidescrolling
Ossuary Role Playing (RPG)
Out of this World (Another World) Adventure
Outburst - The Game of Topics Traditional (Board Games)
Outer Ridge Space Shooting
Outfox Traditional (Board Games)
Outlaw 97 Action
Overkill Space Shooting
Oxyd Puzzle
P-Robots Miscellaneous
P.E.G.S Puzzle
Pac Attack Tetris Style
Pac PC Classic
Pac-Bar Classic
Pac-Em Classic
Pac-Gal Classic
Pac-Maine Action
Pac-Maniac Classic
Pacamaze 3D Shooting
Packman Classic
Packrat Sidescrolling
Pacmanoid Classic
Paddlers Ball & Paddle
Paganitzu Puzzle
Painters Action
Pako Classic
Pako 2 Classic
Paku Paku Classic
Palace of Deceit Adventure
Pallanda Traditional (Board Games)
Pango Action
Paper Airplane Action
Paranoid Ball & Paddle
Paratrooper Bob Puzzle
Parsifal: A Medieval Fantasy World Simulation / Strategy
Pass-Around Trivia Miscellaneous
Patriot Command Classic
PC Jigsaw Traditional (Board Games)
PC Pro-GOLF Sports
PC*Bert Classic
PC-Casino Miscellaneous
PC-Connect 4 Traditional (Board Games)
PC-Sherlock Miscellaneous
Pea Shootin Pete Action
Peach's Dream Sidescrolling
Pentix Tetris Style
Pentominos Puzzle
Pentris Tetris Style
Perestroika Action
Perils of Treasure Mountain Adventure
Permanent Daylight Adventure
Pet-Jet Space Shooting
Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure Educational / Kids
Peter-Box Puzzle
PhantomTris Tetris Style
Pharaoh's Tomb Sidescrolling
Pharmacy Tetris Style
Phase2 Action
Phylox Space Shooting
Pickle Wars Sidescrolling
Picture Puzzle Traditional (Board Games)
Pinball Dreams Simulation / Strategy
Pinball Dreams 2 Simulation / Strategy
Pinball Fantasies Simulation / Strategy
Pinball Illusions Simulation / Strategy
Pipe Dream Puzzle
Pirate Fry and Volcano Island Adventure
Pitfall Action
Pitman Puzzle
Pixelships Space Shooting
Pizza Worm Action
Plague of the Moon Adventure
Plasma Zone Puzzle
Plastris Tetris Style
Plates Educational / Kids
Platform Heels Sidescrolling
PLBM Pong Ball & Paddle
Plebs Action
Plebs (Ascii) Action
Plix Puzzle
Plotz! Puzzle
Plumber No More Sidescrolling
Plunder Simulation / Strategy
Plundermine Puzzle
POD Puzzle
POD Wars Miscellaneous
Poke-Man Classic
Poker Ace Traditional (Board Games)
Poko Memorial Miniature Golf Sports
PolyMaze Puzzle
Pong Ball & Paddle
Pong Kombat Ball & Paddle
Pong Worz Ball & Paddle
Poof Traditional (Board Games)
Pool Shark Sports
Popcorn Ball & Paddle
Potbelly Penguin Puzzle
Powball Ball & Paddle
Power Chess Traditional (Board Games)
Power Putt Golf Sports
PowerShooter Space Shooting
Powerslave 3D Shooting
Pray for Death Action
Prehistorik 2 Sidescrolling
PretzelDash Puzzle
Prigodi Pionerki Kseni Sidescrolling
Prince of Persia Sidescrolling
Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame Sidescrolling
Princess Red Keyboard Warrior Adventure
Prisoner Traditional (Board Games)
Professor Othello Traditional (Board Games)
PRogue Role Playing (RPG)
Project X Space Shooting
Prospector Action
Protec Simulation / Strategy
Proton Action
Psionics Role Playing (RPG)
Pssst! Action
Psycho Pong Ball & Paddle
Pufftris Tetris Style
Pulsar Flux Sidescrolling
Pulse Puzzle
Pulsoid Ball & Paddle
Pune Action
Purple Dinosaur Massacre Action
Pusher Puzzle
Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon Educational / Kids
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade Educational / Kids
Putty Squad Sidescrolling
Puzzle Fighting Tetris Style
Puzzle Fun-Pak Puzzle
Puzzle Pits Puzzle
Puzzler Clown Puzzle Traditional (Board Games)
Puzzy Traditional (Board Games)
Pyrastak Puzzle
Pyro 2 Action
Pyromania Action
Pyromania Tetris Style
Qat Traditional (Board Games)
QB Debugger Hero Action
Quad's Quest Sidescrolling
Quadnet Space Shooting
Quadroid Tetris Style
Quake 3D Shooting
Quarantine Action
Quato Educational / Kids
Quatris II Gold Tetris Style
Quatris Pro Tetris Style
Queen of Hearts Maze Game Action
Quest Adventure
Quest 2 Adventure
Quest for Kwirk's Castle Puzzle
Quest II Puzzle
Quest ][ Role Playing (RPG)
Quick Majik Adventure Role Playing (RPG)
Quickmatch Puzzle
Quiltrex Puzzle
Quinta Traditional (Board Games)
Quiver 3D Shooting
Quote-Tris Puzzle
Race Car Driving & Racing
Race the Nags Simulation / Strategy
Race! Driving & Racing
Racer Driving & Racing
Rachel's Fashion Dolls Educational / Kids
Radix 3D Shooting
Ragnarok Role Playing (RPG)
Rags to Riches Simulation / Strategy
Raku Master Puzzle
Rally-Sport Driving & Racing
Rallyx Classic
Rampcube Tetris Style
Ranadin Role Playing (RPG)
Randzu Traditional (Board Games)
Raptor: Call of the Shadows Space Shooting
RasterMind Traditional (Board Games)
Ratillery Simulation / Strategy
Ratmaz Action
RatMaze Action
Ravage Space Shooting
Ray Wars Space Shooting
Rayman Sidescrolling
Rayman Designer Sidescrolling
Rayx Role Playing (RPG)
RCross Driving & Racing
Realms Of Chaos Sidescrolling
Reaping the Dungeon Role Playing (RPG)
Rebel Decade Chess Traditional (Board Games)
Rebound Ball & Paddle
Redhook's Revenge Traditional (Board Games)
Reflektor Puzzle
Renegade Robot Retaliation 3D Shooting
Rescue of Lorri in Lorrinitron Role Playing (RPG)
Rescue Rover Puzzle
Retro Games Classic
RetroFuel Driving & Racing
Revenge of Chang 3D, The 3D Shooting
Revenge of Froggie Classic
Revenge of the Mutant Camels Action
Rimtrix Puzzle
Rings of the Magi Puzzle
Rise of the Robots 2: Resurrection Action
Rise Of The Triad 3D Shooting
Risky Woods Sidescrolling
Rival Chess Traditional (Board Games)
Road Kill Action
Roast'em Simulation / Strategy
Rob Blanc 1: Better Days of a Defender of the Universe Adventure
Rob Blanc 2: Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence Adventure
Rob Blanc 3: The Temporal Terrorists Adventure
Robbo Puzzle
Robix Puzzle
Roboman Sidescrolling
Robomaze Action
Robomaze II Sidescrolling
Robomaze III: The Dome Adventure
Robot Crusades Simulation / Strategy
Robot Madnes 2: The Revenge Sidescrolling
Robot Redemption 3D Shooting
Robot Revenge Action
Robotfindskitten Miscellaneous
Robotica Classic
Robotron 2084 Classic
Robots from Hell Puzzle
Robots the Game Puzzle
Rock 'n' Spin Puzzle
Rock and Bach Studio Miscellaneous
Rock Man Puzzle
Rock Rush Xmas Edition Puzzle
RockRush Puzzle
Rocks 486 Classic
Rocks'n'Diamonds Puzzle
Rockstar Simulation / Strategy
Rodeo Poker Tetris Style
Rodge Rock in Retroactive Sidescrolling
Rogue Role Playing (RPG)
Rogue Clone IV Role Playing (RPG)
Roketz Space Shooting
Rollin Puzzle
Rolling Jack Action
Rollo and the Brush Bros Classic
Rooms of the Abyss Role Playing (RPG)
Roomz Action
Rotaktix Tetris Style
Round 42 Space Shooting
Roxx Classic
Runaway Adventure
Runoff Puzzle
Rush Hour Simulation / Strategy
Saddam Hussein Target Game Miscellaneous
Sam & Max: Hit the Road Adventure
Sam Spade Puzzle
Sango Fighter Action
Sango Fighter 2 Action
Santa's Xmas Caper Sidescrolling
Santaman Sidescrolling
Satori Puzzle
Save Larisa Action
Scaryfish Sports
Scavenger Classic
Schmootris Tetris Style
School-Mom Educational / Kids
Sci-Fly Space Shooting
Scoot-A-Long Traditional (Board Games)
Scorched Earth Simulation / Strategy
Scrabble Traditional (Board Games)
Scrambled Eggs Puzzle
Screamer Driving & Racing
Scripture Quest Miscellaneous
Scubaman's Quest Action
Scud Atak Classic
SDI2040 Classic
Sea Battle Simulation / Strategy
Sea Dragon Space Shooting
Sea Hunt Traditional (Board Games)
Sea Quest Simulation / Strategy
Sea Run Puzzle
Sea School Educational / Kids
SEAL Team Simulation / Strategy
Search for Freedom, The Role Playing (RPG)
Second Guess Educational / Kids
Secret Agent Sidescrolling
Secret of Cooey, The Role Playing (RPG)
Seek and Destroy Space Shooting
Seeker Puzzle
Seeker of Wisdom Miscellaneous
Sergeant Duffy & the Kidnapped Scientist Action
SerpentHead Adventure
SerpentHead Deluxe Adventure
Set the Hostages Free Action
Shadow Ape Adventure
Shadow Knight Role Playing (RPG)
Shadow Warrior 3D Shooting
Shadowcaster Role Playing (RPG)
ShadowForce Adventure
Shadowkeep 1 - The Search Role Playing (RPG)
Shaft Action
Shakii the Wolf Sidescrolling
Shape Shifter Role Playing (RPG)
Shards Puzzle
Sharp Shooter Simulation / Strategy
Shaw's Nightmare 3D Shooting
Sherlock Puzzle
Shigeru Land Sidescrolling
Shooting Gallery Miscellaneous
Siberian Chess Traditional (Board Games)
Side Line Space Shooting
Silencer Puzzle
Silicon City Simulation / Strategy
Silly Knight Sidescrolling
Silmar Role Playing (RPG)
Silver Dagger Miscellaneous
Silverball Simulation / Strategy
Sim-Pizza Action
Simcity Simulation / Strategy
Simcity 2000 Simulation / Strategy
Simon the Sorcerer Adventure
Simpsons Tetris Tetris Style
Simpsons Tetris 2 Tetris Style
Sink'em Educational / Kids
Sint Nicolaas Sidescrolling
Sir Addalot's "Mini" Math Adventure Educational / Kids
SITris Tetris Style
Ski Jump International Simulation / Strategy
Ski King Sports
Ski King 2 Sports
Skiing Action
Skulas Sidescrolling
Skull Quest 1: The Cyan Sarcophagus Sidescrolling
Skull Quest 2: The Vortex Sidescrolling
Skullduggery Adventure
Skullitaire Puzzle
Skunny Kart Driving & Racing
Skunny: Back to the Forest Sidescrolling
Skunny: Desert Raid Space Shooting
Skunny: Save Our Pizzas! Sidescrolling
Skunny: Wild West Sidescrolling
Skyroads Action
SkyRoads: Xmas Special Action
SLASH Role Playing (RPG)
Sledrider Sports
Sleuth Puzzle
Slicks 'N Slide Driving & Racing
Slime Traditional (Board Games)
SlipSpeed Driving & Racing
Slither Action
SmallTetris Tetris Style
Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris Action
Smashteroid Space Shooting
Snackman Classic
Snake Pit Action
Snaker Action
Snappy Action
Snarf Adventure
Sneesnoo Snake Action
Snipes Action
Snood Puzzle
Snoopy's Game Club Educational / Kids
Snow Palace Puzzle
Snow White's Voyage Sidescrolling
Soccer Game, The Simulation / Strategy
Softwars Traditional (Board Games)
Sokoball of Osaka Puzzle
Sokoland Puzzle
Solar Hockey League Simulation / Strategy
Solar Winds: The Escape Space Shooting
Solitaire Suite Traditional (Board Games)
Solitile Traditional (Board Games)
Solver Puzzle
Sopwith Classic
Sorcerer's Bane Role Playing (RPG)
Space Space Shooting
Space Adventure Action
Space Chase Part One: City Under Siege Sidescrolling
Space Commanders II Space Shooting
Space Commando Sidescrolling
Space Dude Miscellaneous
Space Fortress Space Shooting
Space Intruders Space Shooting
Space Invaders Classic
Space Investors Space Shooting
Space Miner! Space Shooting
Space Nightmare Space Shooting
Space Pilot Space Shooting
Space Spirals Action
Spaced-Out Invaders Space Shooting
Spacejab Space Shooting
SpaceKids Educational / Kids
Spacewar Classic
Spear Of Destiny 3D Shooting
Spectre 3D Shooting
Spectrum Sorcery Puzzle
Speculator Simulation / Strategy
Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer X Driving & Racing
SpeedKar Driving & Racing
Speedy Action
Spellchick Sidescrolling
Spelunker Simulation / Strategy
Sphera: Quatris III Tetris Style
Spider Boxer Action
Spider Run Puzzle
Spiffy Spaceguy Space Shooting
Spin Space Shooting
Spinwall Puzzle
Spitball Action
Spitwad Willy Action
Splat Action
Splat! Action
Splat! PC Action
Spore Adventure
Spryjinx Action
Spy Adventure
Spych Puzzle
Squarex Action
Squarez Deluxe! Puzzle
Squasher Action
Squirmer Action
Stained Glass Puzzle
Stalactites Action
Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters Simulation / Strategy
Star Defense Classic
Star Fortress Classic
Star Hammer Space Shooting
Star Lords Simulation / Strategy
Star Mines II Space Shooting
Star Wars: Tie Fighter Space Shooting
Star Wrek Space Shooting
Starcom Space Shooting
Stardust Space Shooting
Starfire Space Shooting
Starfire Space Shooting
Stargunner Space Shooting
Starlord Simulation / Strategy
Starshift Action
Station Simulation / Strategy
Stellar Conquest 3 Simulation / Strategy
Stellar Defense II Space Shooting
Stellar Police Role Playing (RPG)
Stick Fighter II Action
Stimey Traditional (Board Games)
Stixworld Sidescrolling
Stone Mist Role Playing (RPG)
Stonebreaker Ball & Paddle
Storm Sidescrolling
Storymaker+ VGA Educational / Kids
Strategist Checkers Traditional (Board Games)
Strife 3D Shooting
Striker Action
Styx Classic
Sub Battle Simulator Simulation / Strategy
Subway Sleuth Educational / Kids
Sudoku Traditional (Board Games)
Sudoku86 Traditional (Board Games)
Supaplex Puzzle
Super Angelo Sidescrolling
Super Ball! Ball & Paddle
Super Bubble Mania Action
Super Chase Classic
Super Domination Simulation / Strategy
Super Maxit Puzzle
Super Pac-Mon Classic
Super Qube Hopper Classic
Super Roco Bros Sidescrolling
Super Sales Acer Sidescrolling
Super Shooting Acer Action
Super Silverbrothers Sidescrolling
Super Sled Acer Sports
Super Space Fuel Inc. Puzzle
Super Speed Driving & Racing
Super Speed: Christmas Edition Driving & Racing
Super Stardust Space Shooting
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Action
Super Stupid Space Invaders Space Shooting
Super Tetris Tetris Style
Super Tournament Pong Ball & Paddle
Super Trix Sidescrolling
Super VGA Puzzle Traditional (Board Games)
Super Worms Driving & Racing
Super Xonix Action
Super ZZT Game Creation Systems
Superblast Ball & Paddle
Superfly Action
Superfrog Sidescrolling
SuperKarts Driving & Racing
Supernova Adventure
Swapper Puzzle
Switch Puzzle
Sword Quest 2: Tale of the Talisman Role Playing (RPG)
Syndicate Action
System Shock 3D Shooting
Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge 3D Shooting
Takatron: 2098 Action
Taking Care of Business Puzzle
Talisman Adventure
Talking ABC's Educational / Kids
Tank Wars Simulation / Strategy
TankGame Action
Tarot II Traditional (Board Games)
TATRHEAD Educational / Kids
Taxi Run Puzzle
Teaching Tiles Educational / Kids
Tear Down The Wall Puzzle
Technoventure Sidescrolling
Teddy Part I - Jan's Dream Sidescrolling
Teed-Off Sports
Teen Agent Adventure
Teetris Tetris Style
TEGL Mille Bornes Traditional (Board Games)
TEGL Monopoly Traditional (Board Games)
Tekwar 3D Shooting
Telengard Role Playing (RPG)
Tempest 2000 Classic
Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B Role Playing (RPG)
Tennis Elbow Sports
Terminal Pacity Sidescrolling
Terminal Velocity 3D Shooting
Terminator Future Shock 3D Shooting
Terminator: Rampage 3D Shooting
Terminator: SkyNET 3D Shooting
TerraFire Space Shooting
Terroid Space Shooting
Terror In Christmas Town 3D Shooting
Terror, The Space Shooting
TetraFix Tetris Style
Tetripz Tetris Style
Tetris Tetris Style
Tetris Pro Tetris Style
Tetris Queen Tetris Style
Tetrix Tetris Style
TetRound Tetris Style
Text Missile Command Classic
Text-World Game Creation Systems
Textris Tetris Style
Texttris Tetris Style
TextWars Action
Thanatos 3D 3D Shooting
The Black Orb Adventure
The Castle Action
The Dezerian Assignment Code Name: Redkey Role Playing (RPG)
The Last Eichhof Space Shooting
The Odd Ball Puzzle
The Settlers Simulation / Strategy
The Tomb Action
Theme Hospital Simulation / Strategy
Theme Park Simulation / Strategy
Thor Traditional (Board Games)
Thor's Hammer 3D Shooting
Threads Action
Threat Action
Three Tetris Style
Three Point Basketball Sports
Thunder Strike Space Shooting
Thunder Zone Space Shooting
TIE Invaders Space Shooting
Tile Match Traditional (Board Games)
TiltMaze Traditional (Board Games)
Time Hunters Action
Time Traveler Miscellaneous
Timeslaughter Action
TinyTris Tetris Style
TitanMan Classic
Titans of Steel Simulation / Strategy
Toby the Trapper Role Playing (RPG)
Todd's Adventures Sidescrolling
Tom & Jerry Sidescrolling
Tomb Raider 3D Shooting
Too Many Geckos Puzzle
Top Hat Willy Sidescrolling
Total Carnage Action
Total Knockout: Championship Female Boxing Sports
Tournament of Zulula Action
Towers Puzzle
Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit Role Playing (RPG)
Toxic the Groundhog Action
Traffic Department 2192 Space Shooting
Transland 3D Shooting
Transylvania Adventure
Trap Puzzle
Trapped 2 Action
Treasure Hunt Math Educational / Kids
Tri Puzzle
Trials of Odysseus Kent, The Adventure
Tribolo Puzzle
Trick Blast Action
Tricky Quiky Games Sidescrolling
Triplane Turmoil Simulation / Strategy
Triple Memory Puzzle
Tristix Tetris Style
Trivia Whiz Educational / Kids
Troddlers Puzzle
Troff II Action
Troll's Tale Adventure
Trolls Sidescrolling
Tron Classic
Tronic Ball & Paddle
Troy Sidescrolling
Trugg Puzzle
Tube Action
Tubes Tetris Style
Tubular Worlds Space Shooting
Tunnel Raid Action
Tunneler Action
Tunnelman, The Sidescrolling
Turbo Driving & Racing
Turbo 10,000 Traditional (Board Games)
Turbo Death Race Action
Turbo Trek Sidescrolling
Turbo-Bridge Traditional (Board Games)
Turbopoly Traditional (Board Games)
Turoid Ball & Paddle
Turrican II Sidescrolling
TwinBlok Ball & Paddle
Type Trek Educational / Kids
Typingmaster Games Educational / Kids
Tyrian Space Shooting
Vampiric Tower Puzzle
Vampyr: The Talisman of Invocation Role Playing (RPG)
Vanguard Ace Space Shooting
Vectoroids Classic
Vegas Pro Video Poker Traditional (Board Games)
Vegas Slots Miscellaneous
Velcro Mind Action
Vendetta Action
Vertrix Tetris Style
VGA Jigsaw Traditional (Board Games)
VGA Sharks Action
VGA Tron Classic
VGAWHEEL Miscellaneous
Vigilance on Talos V Sidescrolling
Viking Siege Traditional (Board Games)
Vikings: Fields of Conquest Simulation / Strategy
Vinyl Goddess From Mars Sidescrolling
Viper Space Shooting
Viper Action
Virus Killer Puzzle
Visual Star Trek Simulation / Strategy
Vitetris Tetris Style
ViVi Vicious Viper Action
Vlak Action
Volcano Hunter Sidescrolling
Volvo Road Rally Puzzle
Vortex Action
Voyage to the Planet Earth Miscellaneous
Wacky Wheels Driving & Racing
Wall Pipe Puzzle
Wall Street Raider Simulation / Strategy
Walls of Bratock Role Playing (RPG)
Wanderer Puzzle
War of the Mages Simulation / Strategy
Warbots Miscellaneous
Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness Simulation / Strategy
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Simulation / Strategy
Wari - The Ancient Game of Africa Traditional (Board Games)
Wasteland Rebels Simulation / Strategy
Waterputer Puzzle
Watman Action
Weenie Golf Sports
Weird Island Adventure
Wesp Puzzle
WetSpot 2 Action
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? Educational / Kids
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? Educational / Kids
Whiplash Driving & Racing
Wibbles 3 Action
Wild Pitch! Sports
Wilf II Action
Willy the Beer Varmit's War Simulation / Strategy
Willy the Worm Sidescrolling
Willy the Worm 2: The Big Trip Home Sidescrolling
Windoze Tetris Style
Winged Warrior Role Playing (RPG)
Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood Adventure
Witchaven 3D Shooting
Witches Traditional (Board Games)
Wizard of Wor '98 Classic
Wizard's Castle, The Role Playing (RPG)
Wizard's Lair Role Playing (RPG)
Wolfenstein 3D 3D Shooting
Wolfie's Music Games Educational / Kids
Woodfruit Miscellaneous
Word Rescue Educational / Kids
Word Whiz Educational / Kids
Wordle Traditional (Board Games)
Wordlos Puzzle
Wordmax Educational / Kids
WorDOS Puzzle
WorDOSle Puzzle
Wordtrix Educational / Kids
World Championship Tennis Sports
World Empire Simulation / Strategy
World Quest Space Shooting
World Waker Space Shooting
Worm It Up ! Action
Worm Wars 3 Action
Worm World Puzzle
Worms Simulation / Strategy
Wormy Action
Wraith Role Playing (RPG)
Wrath of Sona, The Role Playing (RPG)
Wrestling League Simulator Sports
Wunder Book Educational / Kids
Wurm Action
WWII Simulation / Strategy
X-COM: UFO Defense Simulation / Strategy
X-Fighter Action
X-mas Lamers Miscellaneous
X-Men: Children of the Atom Action
Xargon Sidescrolling
Xatax Space Shooting
XCar: Experimental Racing Driving & Racing
Xeno Ball Puzzle
Xenophage Action
Xerix Space Shooting
Xerix 2 Space Shooting
Xixit Tetris Style
Xmas Lemmings Puzzle
Xolo Space Shooting
XQuest Action
xTetris Tetris Style
XXIV! Tetris Style
Xyphr Action
YAB! Baseball Sports
Yabog Ball & Paddle
YahWho Traditional (Board Games)
Yendorian Tales: Book 1 Role Playing (RPG)
Yendorian Tales: Book 1 - Chapter 2 Role Playing (RPG)
Yiff! Puzzle
Yo! Joe Sidescrolling
Yogho Yogho Sidescrolling
Yogi Bear's Math Adventures Educational / Kids
YUMB Traditional (Board Games)
Z Simulation / Strategy
Z-Tech ANSI Man Sidescrolling
Zanzi: The Quest for the Mastercrown Adventure
Zapshot Space Shooting
Zee Artillery Simulation / Strategy
Zentris Tetris Style
Zeroth Zone Space Shooting
ZigSaw Traditional (Board Games)
Zipman 3 Sidescrolling
ZJZ RISK Traditional (Board Games)
Zmiy Action
Zombies Action
Zone 66 Space Shooting
Zong Ball & Paddle
Zonker Action
Zool Sidescrolling
Zork: The Great Underground Empire Adventure
Zorro Sidescrolling
Zottris Tetris Style
Zyclunt Sidescrolling
Zyll Role Playing (RPG)
ZZT Game Creation Systems
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