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Guns 'R' Us screenshot
Guns 'R' Us gameplay screenshot
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Guns 'R' Us is a variation on the textmode-based Drug Wars type of game where you need to buy and sell a particular type of item, trying to earn as much money as possible. In this case, your product of choice is guns. You travel between six different locations, buying low and selling high. Once in awhile you are interrupted by a random event that you need to deal with, but mostly you're just buying and selling. There are numerous problems with how this game works, most notably that the prices of everything are just randomly generated ... if you travel to the same city twice in a row, the prices for everything will be totally different! Your goal is to earn $2billion but I doubt anyone has played long enough to achieve that ...
-=> Guns 'R' Us <=- v1.0
A text game  based on  the 
sell of guns  in which you 
try to become  the supreme 
being by earning 2 billion 
dollars.  But, it's easier
said  then  done.  Are you
up to the challenge?

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