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Janitor Joe gameplay screenshot
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Single player
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320 × 200
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500 (Approximate)
Janitor Joe screenshot
Janitor Joe gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Janitor Joe is a difficult and unforgiving CGA platforming game, a bit similar to Donkey Kong. It was made by Kevin Bales who is much more known for his Castle Adventure game. Janitor Joe doesn't work too well; the controls are stiff, and jumping on the robots seems almost impossible. (The YouTube video shows it being done but I wasn't able to do it!) There are five levels and a "secret" level. Good luck seeing them all! (Note: This game is listed on MobyGames as being a "Commercial" release, presumably due to pictures posted of a printed disk copy that was sold in Taiwan. I suspect that this was actually a free release like Castle Adventure. If you know differently, please let me know and I will remove this game from the website.)
Unless you're using a joystick, press C at the menu to change to keyboard controls. Also press S after pressing C to turn the sound back on if you want sound. Arrows Move
Space Jump

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