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Assault Wing gameplay screenshot
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Up to 4 players, Shared keyboard competitive deathmatch
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640 × 480
Assault Wing screenshot
Assault Wing gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 4.5
Assault Wing is a multiplayer action / deathmath game where you pilot your space ships against each-other in a Liero-like dogfighting environment. Here, your ships are affected by gravity and you will need to maneuver carefully while you track down and shoot at your opponent(s). The graphics are great, and the framerate is impressive given that the action takes place in split-screen, with up to four players competing at once. There are a variety of ships, arenas, and weapons to choose from to keep the fights interesting. There is also modem support but apparently it does not work well (I did not test it!). Definitely worth trying if you want a fast-action deathmatch game that can be played by multiple people locally! Review the extensive documentation in AWING.DOC for more info about the game.
/-------[Assault Wing  1.2]-------\
  The Ultimate Freeware Shoot Your  
    Friends Up Cave Flight Game
    After one year of bugfixing
   A great game for many players
   Supports mouse, joystick, GUS
  SB, silence. Requires VESA 2.0,
   fast video card and a 486 too.
       Pentium recommended.
  Lots of Weapons, Bonuses & Stuff
  contains subdirs; unzip with -d

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