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Screenshot of Evasive Maneuvers Review:  Rating: 3
A more laid-back shooting game, Evasive Maneuvers has you in control of your space ship, plowing through various high-tech themed levels, shooting and dropping bombs on various obstacles. You must continually collect fuel (by destroying fuel canisters) to keep flying, while avoiding or destroying everything else. (Though as the docs note, "Destroying an object can be more deadly than leaving the object alone." Cuz many will explode.) Decent graphics and sounds too. The authors of this game have made this formerly shareware game available for free!
Evasive Maneuvers.   Lush graphics, realistic
digital sound effects, and a wonderful  sound
track set the stage for  a  thrilling  flying
experience.  Just collect fuel.  This  is  no
game of pure destruction, but it sure can be!
Requires: VGA, 535K,  and  at  least  a  386.
Supports: Adlib, Sound Blaster, General Midi.

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