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Crayon Box screenshot
Crayon Box gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 3.5
Crayon Box is intended for primary school aged children, and provides a coloring book as well as several other entertainment / edutainment modes. Almost everything is handled via the mouse (except input of numbers etc) and although the menu is a bit confusing (kids may need some help navigating) it offers several activities such as a counting game and quiz to identify the various states of the United States. The main disappointing parts of the program is that it only comes with two (!) pictures to color, and there are annoying registration nag screens. Other than that it's pretty solid as a whole although no particular part is very remarkable.
CRAYON BOX 3.0 Coloring book & kid games A
sketch/paint book, math quizzer, counting &
color identification, USA states game,
spirographs. Fun! Requires EGA/VGA, mouse, HD
and 1 child : ).

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