Wibbles 3 screenshot
Wibbles 3 gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($19.95)
Up to 2 players, Simultaneous competitive shared keyboard(s) or null modem
For Kids:
640 × 480
DOSBox Cycles:
10000 (Approximate)
Wibbles 3 screenshot
Wibbles 3 gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Wibbles 3 is a competitive Snake/Nibbles-like game where you and a second player battle it out for Wibble supremacy! You control your ... Wibble (caterpillar?) ... and try to bite your opponent's tail. Each time you bite them, they lose part of their tail, until they lose their entire body. You can regain parts of your tail by eating ants that are running randomly around. Your caterpillar moves at any angle, and is always moving, so you'll need to keep attentive. It seems quite difficult to catch your opponent, and even catching ants is not easy. Decent grapjics, and some sound effects, but no music. One interesting feature is that instead of sharing a keyboard, the two plays can use two different keyboards (?!) or a null modem cable to play.
----------= Wibbles III =--------------
D'India Software's latest SHAREWARE
masterpiece!  Wibbles III, the two player
caterpillar game with SVGA graphics!
This small game is hours of fun
chomping your friend!  A must have when
two people are at the same computer
Wibbles III features 360 degree turning!
REQUIRES: 1MB SVGA card, 386+ (486 rec.),
Two Humans

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