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FX Racer screenshot
FX Racer gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
FX Racer is an impressive game / tech demo of a 3D racing game which does not require a 3D accelerator card. Gameplay is simple: Choose from one of three cars and drive around the track to achieve a top-10 time, either three or five laps. The impressive part is the presentation, which looks a little like Virtua Racer style graphics. (Possibly Stunt Race FX for the SNES?) There is also SoundBlaster music playing. With all of this going on, the game notes that a Pentium class computer is needed to play it properly. (Or, nowadays, DOSBox on a modern PC.) It also includes a 3D editor to modify the assets, although it doesn't seem too easy to use! Overall it's definitely neat to check out and an impressive accomplishment, although since the controls are a bit finnicky (don't hit any walls!) you may not want to play it long-term.

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