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320 × 200

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Original archive (, 272k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original archive.

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Screenshot of Duke Nukem Review:  Rating: 5
One of my all-time favorite action platformers. It just has excellent level design, items, enemies, and interactivity. This is the first appearance of Duke Nukem, who would go on to further fame in his 3D series of games. In the original game he has a little less attitude but the outline of the character he would become is definitely here. The graphics look good (for EGA, that is). (Fun fact: Many of the game's sprites were directly ripped off from other games.) And even though the sounds are played through the PC speaker, they aren't that annoying! Overall this is a tremendously fun game that's definitely worth the download!
│▌█▐█▐█▌█ DUKE NUKUM FROM APOGEE!! █▐█▌█▌█▐│
Save Earth in this amazing EGA super game!
Over one megabyte of animation and graphics!
Incredible 360 dual-layered playfields, like
never before seen on an IBM PC! Builtin hint
mode, joystick support, arcade sound effects,
save/restore, etc. This game beats the Sega
Genesis games--a real show stopper!

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