Escape from Station 7 screenshot
Escape from Station 7 gameplay screenshot
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Up to 2 players, Simultaneous shared keyboard competitive or cooperative
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320 × 200
Escape from Station 7 screenshot
Escape from Station 7 gameplay screenshot
DOSBOX_STATION7.ZIP - 1,605k - Run SS.EXE to play
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Original archive (, 1,615k) - The main download file above (DOSBOX_STATION7.ZIP) is pre-configured to work DOSBox. This file,, is the original and may require installation / setup. Review:  Rating: 3
Escape from Station 7 (full name "Operation Vulture IV: Escape from Station 7") is a horizontally scrolling shooting game where you control a helicopter and must destroy various targets on each level. The game's graphics and sounds are impressive, with parallax scrolling and digitized music. The actual gameplay is decent enough, and the way that everything EXPLODES when you shoot it is fun for a while. It also includes a two-player mode, with your choice of cooperative or competitive play! (Although either way your bullets still damage each-other so ... yeah, both will probably end up being VS-mode ...) This is the sequel to part 3 of the series. (Apparently games 1 & 2 weren't great so the developers never released them.) The full registered version of this game was released for free by its authors.

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