Home Run Derby screenshot
Home Run Derby gameplay screenshot
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Home Run Derby screenshot
Home Run Derby gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Home Run Derby attempts to simulate the baseball home run competition, where hitters compete against each other to try to hit the most home runs. This game looks decent enough, but I found it difficult to hit even a single home run, let alone several. I guess my timing / aim is just bad, or the DOSBox timing is a bit off? In any case, this game offers a full game mode as well as a practice mode, and you'd better practice first before attempting the full derby. Sounds are decent and include some short voice clips.
Use the numeric arrow keys to swing. The pitcher throws in one of nine possible positions; press the key to swing at just the right moment in the right position to hit a home run. (In theory)
Home Run Derby by MVP Software. So, you think
you're pretty good on the ball diamond, do
you? But do you have what it takes to compete
with the likes of Hurt Thomas, Barty Bunds,
and Junior Griffin Jr? Can you go deep, take
the ball out of the yard? Step up to the
plate and take your whacks against the best.
"BSPN" personality Bob Yukon calls the
action in this hilarious baseball game.
Req VGA. Supports most sound cards.

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