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Up to 2 players, Competitive deathmatch
For Kids:
640 × 400

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Screenshot of Liero Review:  Rating: 4.5
In this game, you play a worm that's loaded up with some hefty ammunition! In this game which has obviously been heavily inspired by the classic Team-17 game Worms, your job is to kill your opponent worm (CPU or 2nd player) as quickly as possible. Unlike Worms, your actions here are in real-time instead of being turn-based. This game features excellent control, great graphics, and SB sound effects. It's very polished, and plays well. Definitely one to try!
LIERO v1.33 by Metsā└▐nElā└▐imet! Earthworm
simulation game based on a real physical
model. Features: 2 worms, 40 weapons, great
playability, four game modes: Kill'em All,
Game of Tag, Capture the Flag and Simple CtF!
NEW: AI-players without true intelligence!
And all this is FREEWARE! Requires 386SX,
560KB conventional memory. SB supported,
760KB XMS required for sounds.

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