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320 × 200

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Screenshot of Bio Menace Review:  Rating: 3.5
Bio Menace is a decent EGA platformer from Apogee. It's got some nice EGA graphics and SoundBlaster sounds, though, as well as a few original elements like interaction with the game's backgrounds. It has a unique style, and it encourages more thoughtful and planned playing rather than running around shooting everything. For whatever reason, however, it doesn't seem quite as fun as some of Apogee's other games. (Note that this is the full registered version of this game, which was released as freeware by 3D Realms.)
Total action, kick butt, Duke Nukem-style,
shoot-everything-that-moves adventure. As a
CIA agent, you must rescue Metro City from
the mutant army of Dr. Mangle.  Use several
high-powered weapons & watch the guts fly!
Great levels, Ad Lib music & sounds, huge
boss creatures, stunning variety. GET THIS!
Developed with Id Software's game engine.
Secret areas and maneuvers to discover.
286+ required, Joystick support, 3 skills.

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