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320 × 200

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Screenshot of Crystal Caves Review:  Rating: 3
An interesting (although in many ways average) EGA sidescroller created by Apogee right around the same time as the first Keen game was released, which may help explains why it has been generally overlooked. In any case, it's nowhere near being a bad game, so if you're looking for a good EGA platformer, try it out. It seems to share the same engine as the Secret Agent games, also from Apogee. Note that it can be annoying at times, with one-hit deaths and sometimes unfair level layouts.
  │▌█▐█▐█▌███  CRYSTAL CAVES  ███▐█▌█▌█▐│
Ultra-smooth, full-screen scrolling EGA
animation and graphics, like Commander
Keen. You're Mylo, and you're out to strike
it rich. Explore an Altarian planet in this
action-packed arcade roller coaster ride.
Excellent animation and screen effects.
Joystick supported. By Apogee. Member SPA.

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