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Sink'em screenshot
Sink'em gameplay screenshot
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Sink'em is a hangman game with the twist that rather than being hung, the proverbial man is in a slowly sinking boat and about to be devoured by sharks. A big part of the fun here (or the annoyance, depending on how you look at it) is that every time you guess a letter, the man will either congratulate you for guessing correctly, or whine about how he is surely going to die if you guess incorrectly. The game is rendered with simple but charming CGA graphics. It's not really a kids game due to all the reading and the somewhat morbid theme, but adults probably wouldn't want to play it for too long either. The words list seems to have mostly short words with no categories, which aren't usually too much fun when it comes to hangman games. This seems to be one of the first released games by developed William Soleau, and is not available on the Soleau Software website.

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