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Single player
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640 × 350

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Screenshot of Mah Jongg Review:  Rating: 4.5
Mah Jongg is a Chinese solitaire game where the object is to remove all 144 tiles from the playing surface, one pair at a time. This game seems like a very good recreation of this game, although I've never played the real game myself. It includes an easy to use interface, and includes a tile editor so users can design their own tilesets. There are also many sets of different tiles available on the Internet. Note that as the name suggests, this is a "solitaire" game so it's one player only.
Mah Jongg v4.2:  addictive solitaire game.
Play with colorful Chinese tiles or design
your own with the included tile editor --
hundreds of tile sets available! Many game
options including different layouts, timed
games, statistics, colors, peek mode, help,
tournaments, mouse/keyboard play. Supports
EGA, VGA and Hercules graphics systems.
Written by Nels Anderson (ASP).

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