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Radix gameplay screenshot
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Radix screenshot
Radix gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Radix is a spaceship 3D shooting game which is somewhat similar to Descent. It still owes a lot to Doom though, and the level design is not quite up to par with Descent. Still, it has nice graphics (for its time) and good sound effects as well. The control system also takes some getting used to, as you need to control your ship's speed but the ship can also "strafe" from side to side.
---==Radix: Beyond The Void - Shareware V2.0==---
From Epic MegaGames and Neural Storm: Fly the
Radix super fighter through massive steel
trenches in this gruesome tale of alien invasion.
With a huge arsenal of destructive weapons, you
must fly strategic missions on the surface of
Theta-2, and inside the huge alien vessel. Radix
features advanced 3D technology including,
texture mapped walls, ceilings, floors, and
slopes, allowing for a rich level of detailed
graphics. Supports Modem, Network, and Serial
play in Cooperative, DogFight, or Capture the
Flag modes.  Requires: 486-33MHz, 4MB RAM, VGA.

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