Wari screenshot
Wari gameplay screenshot
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Up to 2 players, Turn-based shared keyboard/mouse competitive
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640 × 350
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Wari screenshot
Wari gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4.5
Wari is an ancient board game which goes by many other names like Awari, Mancala, and Oware. The object is to capture 25 of your opponent's marbles. The game has a great tutorial built in so I won't go over all the rules, but it is simple yet deep game that is strategic and that requires planning and strategy to win. The game has lovely EGA graphics, but a word of warning that the stereotypical "African native" that is featured in the game may be considered offensive by modern standards. The full registered version of the game was released for free by its author Imagisoft, download from the official website and use the password "Africa" when prompted in-game.
WARI v1.4 1-Apr-95 African Strategy Game
for 2 players. Also known as MANCALA and
OURRI, Wari is over 4,000 years old and
was used to train African tribal chiefs.
Easy to learn as Chinese Checkers, but
requires thinking more like Chess. 3 skill
levels, tutorial, animation, music and
sound. Requires VGA graphics, DOS or
Windows, and 640K. Soundblaster and mouse
recommended. ImagiSOFT, Inc. 

"An electronic narcotic."
-- Computer Gaming World

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