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Up to 2 players, Turn-based hotseat
For Kids:
320 × 200

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The Castle DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
The Castle follows the tradition of two-player angle & velocity battle games such as the simplistic Gorillas (included with QBasic), Scorched Earth, Worms, and even games popular today like the online game Gunbound. This particular game does not offer many perks or upgrades, although it does provide several options such as slope of the ground, gravity, and wind that you can set before you start the game. Note that this is a two-player only game, taking turns on the same keyboard. (Bonus trivia: This game was created by Sami Tammilehto, better known for his role in the Finnish demogroup Future Crew which released many influential demos and the Scream Tracker tracking software.)

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