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Screenshot of EGA Trek Review:  Rating: 4
EGA Trek is based heavily on very early computer space simulation games. (ie. the first computer game ever, Space War!, aka Computer Space). Since this is a non-licensed game, it never refers to it as "Star Trek", but you know what they were going for. It includes color graphics that although sparse do the job well. The objective is to eliminate other ships and "save the galaxy". This is a simulation/strategy game with not a lot of action, so it won't be for everyone, but it definitely is a classic PC game.
EGATrek v3.1: EGA/VGA space/strategy game.
You are in command of a powerful starship
in a battle to save the galaxy. Use your
weapons, scanners, comm, etc. to control
your ship. Colorful hi-res graphics in this
updated version of the classic space game.
By Nels Anderson (ASP).

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