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Screenshot of Walls of Bratock Review:  Rating: 2.5
Walls of Bratock (or just "Bratock") is a very old-school overhead RPG which closely sticks to the conventions of the genre. Fantasy storyline, block graphics, and turn-based battles are the order of the day here. There are some annoying parts, like the overly lengthy introduction, and the 30-second "shareware reminder" screen (!) but the game itself plays decently enough for fans of hardcore old-school PC RPGs.
╔═══════╡ The Walls of Bratock V 1.0 ╞═════╗
║The best shareware role-playing game ever!║
║Stunning VGA 256 colors graphics, Awesome ║
║Sound Blaster musics and digitized sounds,║
║and two great cinematic cut-scenes.  Fight║
║fearsome monsters and talk to dozens of   ║
║people as a monstruous quest unfolds      ║
║before you!  /\ By Oracle Software /\     ║
║Optionnal speech pack: WOBSB10.XXX        ║
╚══╡ OVER 2.5 MEGS of pure role-playing ╞══╝

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