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Single player
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320 × 200
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3000 (Approximate)
Cool Cat screenshot
Cool Cat gameplay screenshot
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This game works in DOSBox but not currently in-browser. Please download and play on your device. How to use DOSBox Review:  Rating: 2
Cool Cat is an obscure platforming game where you play as some sort of robotic cat. The gameplay is somewhat similar to The Lost Clown. You can only move left and right, and shoot a laser. There is no jumping; you move up and down via stairs or elevators. The goal is to collect all 90 diamonds and reach the goal. I have not been able to collect even close to that many, mainly due to cheap deaths where you can't see what's down below, or things pop out of nowhere and kill you. It would take a lot of patience and memorization to get through this game, even with the included 7 lives. (Why not 9 lives?!) The controls are a bit wonky (your keypresses will queue up, leading you to walk further than you intend) making things even harder.

Note: This game works in native DOSBox, but crashes in the browser-based version. Play on your own PC!

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