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Larax & Zaco DOS game screenshot
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Single player
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320 × 200

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Larax & Zaco DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
One of the strangest games I've seen in awhile. This was created by an Italian developer, but English documentation and in-game translation is available. The object of the game is described in the manual as follows: "You must collect a given number of certain bonuses and destroy a given percentage of the existing structures, strategically placing bombs of different power, in order to complete each level." Definitely an interesting idea, with decent sprite-based graphics but overall even though this game is unique, probably the gameplay doesn't have a lot of longevity.
An unconventional platform game. Besides
collecting of bonuses, you must destroy
buildings and platforms in the playin by
smartly placing bombs. You can use small,
harmless bombs or mor ones (four types are
available) and enjoy yourself watching huge
constructions explode in thousands of small
pieces. Double screen with two simultaneous
players, background parallacti nice graphics,
hall of fame, Italian and English language.
Works with VGA cards and a 386 or better.

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