Robomaze 3: The Dome screenshot
Robomaze 3: The Dome gameplay screenshot
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640 × 400
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8000 (Approximate)
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Robomaze 3: The Dome screenshot
Robomaze 3: The Dome gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
Robomaze III is quite different from part 2 in the series. While that game was a platformer, this one is an action adventure game. It's clear that the authors were heavily influenced by the original Legend of Zelda game on the NES; you even begin by getting a sword from an old man in a cave. It takes place in "The Dome" which I suppose is a biosphere of some kind that sorta has a Mad Max vibe. Sounds like it could be good, right? Unfortunately, not so much. While the game has an interesting graphical aesthetic, the sound effects are annoying, and the gameplay isn't much better. It's difficult to know where the heck to go. Your weapon (at least the initial sword) is terrible, and it's difficult to hit enemies, which appear out of nowhere and require many hits to kill. Everything hurts you, even flowers (that come alive and attack) and water if you are unfortunate enough to touch it. It seems like a game with good potential but the authors didn't quite nail the Zelda feel that they seemed to be going for.

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