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AsciiQuest DOS game screenshot

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Need help installing and running the game? Check our DOSBox Guide to run DOS games on modern computers. Review:  Rating: 2.5
AsciiQuest is a game creation system (referred to in the docs as an "ascii game creation package") that I honestly haven't invested much time in learning. You can in theory create your own adventure, RPG, and puzzle games, using a collection of tools contained within the game. The game itself uses ASCII characters in Mode 13H, so you have access to 256 colors. This gives the games a unique look, but it also limits your visual options. Compared to something like ZZT, this GCS seems more difficult to learn. There is a character editor and even a music editor where you enter notes on an ASCII piano! Included in the zip file is a 20 page Microsoft Word .DOC file included to explain how things work, but it would be a challenge to get a working game running on this today since as far as I know there is no community support available. Still, an interesting and mostly unknown GCS.

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