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Single player
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320 × 200

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Screenshot of Breakfree Review:  Rating: 3.5
This Arkanoid close is fairly unique because it's in 3D! And when I say 3D, I mean a first-person perspective. "How would THAT work?" you ask. Well ... not extremely well. It's fun to play ... however, it's easy to miss the "ball" (fireball?) because of the 3D perspective. The graphics are pretty good, however, and there are some SB sound effects (although no music). Check it out for a unique experience.
BRKFREE v1.0a - BreakFree 3D action game.
Fast paced, first person game of demolition
and escape. Launch your fireballs and fire
your gun to blow away all the walls on a
level. Move to keep your fireballs in play.
Multiple levels with different environ-
ments. Great graphics and tons of special
effects. Requires 528K memory and 256-color
VGA graphics. Has digitized sounds.
By Software Storm, Inc. $18 to register

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