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Xerix gameplay screenshot
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Xerix screenshot
Xerix gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Xerix is a shoot-em-up which looks a little like Xevious flipped 90 degrees. You pilot your mighty (tiny) spaceship as you fly from left to right and shoot ... things. I guess they're aliens but they look like pink circles. The game boasts 256 color graphics and SoundBlaster sounds but doesn't take great advantage of either. Your ship controls reasonably well, but your actions are limited to moving and shooting, with no powerups, bombs, alternate weapons, etc. Clearly some work was put into making this game, with parallax scrolling in the backgrounds and great prelude and epilogue cards before/after you play a game. However it makes you wonder why more effort wasn't put into making engaging enemies to fight rather than just pink circles. Also there is music during the intro, but not while actually playing the game. One nice feature is that it includes "Novice" mode which gives you infinite lives.
Video review of Xerix courtesy ADG

Video Review

Video review of Xerix, courtesy of Ancient DOS Games

XERIX version 1.3 by Brendan Reville.
256-color VGA futuristic space adventure.
Guide a space ship through a strange
world and destroy/avoid enemy obstacles.
Smooth, multi-level scrolling, triple
parallaxing, beautiful graphics. Optional
EMS/XMS, Adlib, and SoundBlaster support.

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