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Alien Cabal DOS game screenshot
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320 × 200
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⮤ Archived, Feb 2001

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Alien Cabal DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Alien Cabal is a FPS where aliens have invaded, and it's your job (apparently) to kill them. However in my testing I didn't encounter any aliens, just identical guys in suits whose sole purpose in life seemed to be to run up to me and shoot me in the face. As fun as that sounds, unless you enjoy hearing terrible sound effects (be ready to hear "You're not authorized!" shouted at you repeatedly) and strange graphics, you probably won't be a fan of this game. It's certainly unique ...
Alien Cabal - QASoft - DOS, P100, 16 MB RAM -
 It began with a near doubling of UFO
 sightings over the city and ended with a
 planned alien invasion from an undergroud
 base. Find the entrance to the underground
 complex, exterminate all alien life, and
 destroy everything else.

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