Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter screenshot
Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($49.95)
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320 × 240
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Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter screenshot
Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter is a F/A-18 flight simulator with a long, relatively complex name which hits at the complexity of flying a high-powered fighter plane in this game. Don't expect a pick-up-and-play kind of game: This is a simulation and the keyboard commands necessary span dozens of lines. (See the included KEYS.DOC file.) From what I can tell this is a reasonably accurate game, and includes (in the full game) 50 missions, plus 8 training missions and a "free flight" mode. The training missions are helpful, as they teach you the steps to take off and do other required tasks. Overall the game looks pretty good for 1995, and although it says it's shareware, this feels more like a demo of the full game which retailed for $49.95 back when it was released.
BLACK KNIGHT SE: F/A-18 Flight Simulator v1.3 
This F/A-18 flight simulator gives you the 
most realistic air combat experience you can 
have without enlisting! Go against MIG-29s, 
or take on a ground attack mission using some
of today's most advanced weapons systems. 
Terrific graphics, thunderous stereo sound, 
awesome realism. From FormGen.  2/2
Requires 386+/8MB/VGA

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