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Single player
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640 × 350
Animated Clock DOS game screenshot

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This simple drill-style program helps children learn how to read the hands on a clock. It has modes that teach how the hour and minute hands move as well as how to convert from analog to digital time and vice-versa. The presentation is fairly generic (the EGA graphics are uninspired) but it's quite thorough at what it does.
ANIMATED CLOCK v3.0 - a program for children
from pre-school through third grade that 
teaches time in a variety of ways. This
life skill program helps them convert digital
time to analog and vice-versa. Various levels
and context sensitive help are provided.
Animated rewards pop out of the cuckoo clock
doors, and 10 correct answers get a full-
screen silly animation. EGA and Hard Drive 
required. Keyboard ad mouse support.

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