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Rob Blanc 1 screenshot
Rob Blanc 1 gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
This game is the first of the Rob Blanc series of graphical adventure games created by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw using the Adventure Game Studio GCS. (It is, AFAIK, the first game he ever released.) It introduces the Rob Blanc character, who is totally not derivative of Roger Wilco! Anyways he is an average fish-n-chips shop worker who is chosen to become a defender of the galaxy. The game is quite short but it's well designed, with good graphics and humorous writing. Most of the puzzles are pretty intuitive if you stop to think about them. (Hint: Make sure you click on the specific part of the thing that you want to do the thing on ... I did get stuck for awhile because I didn't click on the specific part!)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a bug of some sort in the browser-based version of DOSBox, sound is disabled. If you want sound, download the game, then run SETUP.BAT and choose SoundBlaster.

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