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640 × 480
Screenshot of Pac-Bar

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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 3.5
A neat variant of the classic Pac-Man game. This version includes a couple of new gameplay elements, big levels and good EGA graphics. It seems quite challenging (at least for me!), although you DO receive more than the usual 3 lives. For one thing, there are no traditional power pellets (so that you can eat the ghosts). There are also some short dead-ends in the maze, and instead of fruit to eat, there are eyes bouncing around the levels.
El juego PAC-BAR consiste en una
serie de niveles de laberintos
bidimensionales cuyo objetivo es
el objetivo de una pacman, con
la peculiaridad de que el mismo
puede atrapar a los fantasmas 
con una barrera.
El juego fue realizado en agosto
de 1995 por Rhadames Carmona.
Que lo disfrute...

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