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Goal gameplay screenshot
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Up to 6 players, Turn based shared keyboard competitive
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640 × 480
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* Archived, Oct 2004
goal94.zip - 161k - Run GOAL94.EXE to play
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Goal v1 (GOAL1.ZIP, 133k) - The original version of Goal

Goal v2 (aka GOAL II) (goal2.zip, 157k) - Version 2 of the Goal game

Goal screenshot
Goal gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Goal is a series of text-mode soccer (football) managerial simulation games. (The version featured here is the last, from 94, but downloads for the original version and Goal 2 are available above if you're looking for those.) You select your squad, manage your players, and then get to watch the simulated match play out in glorious text-mode, with tiny players whacking around a tiny dot. I don't know how accurate any of the stats and play is, but being able to actually watch the game is a bit more fun than just seeing numbers about it after it's simulated. Version 94 of the game (from 1994) adds a bunch of features including support for the rule changes introduced in World Cup 94, as well as a custom font and other edited text-mode characters.

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