Race the Nags screenshot
Race the Nags gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($17)
Up to 6 players, Simultaneous shared keyboard competitive
For Kids:
640 × 350
DOSBox Cycles:
3000 (Approximate)
rtnags12.zip - 85k - Run NAGS.EXE to play
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Race the Nags screenshot
Race the Nags gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Race the Nags is a simple and intuitive horse racing simulator. Each race contains six horses, and up to six players can bet on which horse they think will win, show, or place. The presentation is decent with little EGA sprites for each of the horses. You can see the odds for each horse, and that's all you have to go on. You start with only $50 so you'd better hope you're lucky. Not the most exciting game since it's almost entirely just luck, but I guess if you enjoy horse racing or want to experience it virtually, it's a decent choice.
animated, full color EGA. Up to 6 players.
Over 200 horses! Start the game with $50 in
"seed money" and give it your best shot.
Make the Hall Of Fame if you can! Place your
bet and hope the jockey stays on the horse.
Requires EGA or better and 512k of memory.
From Dick Olsen, author of BassTour. * ASP *

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