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Screenshot of Sea Run Review:  Rating: 3
One of the plethora of puzzle type games released by Soleau Software, Sea Run has many similarities to the classic Pipeline game, or for that matter Soleau's own Ant Run or Oilcap games. The task here is to rotate different arrows to keep the ship moving on the board. I found this game tougher than Ant Run and other similar games so if you're looking for an additional challenge you may want to try this. EGA graphics and basic sound effects.
Sea Run  v1.0     Req.EGA/VGA & Mouse
Maneuver your ship through treacherous waters
by rotating the wind direction arrows. Quick
thinking and fast reflexes are required to
keep the boat sailing through and around
whirlpools, whales, islands and much more!
Gain extra bonus points for reaching treasure
chests and other objects as you try for the
Top Ten High Scores. Filled with Educational
Boat Facts, Sea Run is fun for all ages.

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