Mario & Luigi screenshot
Mario & Luigi gameplay screenshot
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Mario!!! by "Chaos Software" (01MARIOD.ZIP, 284k) - This is the leaked, hacked (?) version of the game that was widely distributed in the early/mid 90's and many people played. It has four levels and its own installer.

Mario & Luigi screenshot
Mario & Luigi gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Mario & Luigi is a clone of the popular Super Mario Bros game for the NES. The game has an interesting backstory, where the developer Mike Wiering made the game as a programming exercise, and a beta version somehow leaked out and even was taken and sold by another guy! (You can download this alternate version in the "extra files" area above.) The actual game, titled Mario & Luigi later released by Wiering (obviously with no official license from the "Big N") offers decent gameplay and six levels to complete. The engine was obviously re-used for later games such as Charlie the Duck, Sint Nicolaas, and the most obvious being Super Angelo! Anywho, this game is generally fun to play, and the executable is only 57k! (The Turbo Pascal 6.0/5.5 source code is available on the Wiering Software website as well.)
Arrows Move
Alt Jump
Ctrl Run
Spacebar Throw fireball

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