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Infernal Tome gameplay screenshot
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Infernal Tome screenshot
Infernal Tome gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Infernal Tome (episode 1, "Shardmoure Keep") is a classic-style 1st person RPG dungeon crawling game. Similar to classic computer RPGs like Dungeon Hack or Eye of the Beholder, the emphasis here is on finding your way out of the 3D-like mazes. Nice graphics and sound effects complement a well-done story introduction, making this game seem almost commercial-quality in its presentation. (HINT: Near the beginning of the game there is an object on the ground near the feet of one of the suits of armor that you have to pick up; it's grey and hard to see!)
The Infernal Tome by MVP Software. On a world
far away science has become magic, and a
cataclysmic struggle is underway between two
mystic scientists. You must direct a party of
four on a perilous quest to bring about peace
and reclaim the lost Tome. But beware! In
this 3D fantasy role-playing game of magic,
mystery and monsters, nothing is as it seems.
Req 386+, VGA; a sound card is recommended.

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