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Combat Zone gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($20)
Single player
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1024 × 768
DOSBox Cycles:
5000 (Approximate)
Combat Zone screenshot
Combat Zone gameplay screenshot
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Combat Zone is described as an "arcade wargame". It's a simple real-time strategy type game where you must guide your army to defeat the attacking army. You issue your troops commands (mainly where to move) and hope that you overpower your opponent. I'm not really into RTS games so there may be more to this game that I'm just missing. There are many kinds of units available according to the docs but early levels have only basic soldiers. The graphics are passable (high-res!) and the game does have a decent amount of polish. Worth a try for fans of the genre looking for a simpler kind of game. (I'm not 100% what speed this is supposed to play, 5000 cycles is my best guess but feel free to slow it down or speed it up if that suits you better!) There's only single player mode so don't expect a two-player game!
Combat Zone v1.0; Fast paced, easy to play
arcade wargame. Features photo quality 256
color SVGA bitmapped graphics, animation,
digital sound effects, FM soundtracks, and
mouse control. Many types of terrain and
units make for hours of challenging play.

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