Battle Ground screenshot
Battle Ground gameplay screenshot
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Battle Ground screenshot
Battle Ground gameplay screenshot
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Battle Ground is an obscure early release from MVP Software, who would go on to be a popular developer/publisher of shareware in the early 90's. This game, developed by Keith Laverty and Amar Gopal, is a CGA mode WW2 battle simulator between soldiers from the two sides. You need to select your troops, move them around, assign them to fire their weapons, call in an air strike, etc. It's turn-based and movement is slow (soldiers can only move a short distance per turn) and there is no mouse control which would've made the game a lot easier to play, but since the game was released in 1986 that's pretty early for mouse-based gaming. Seems like a decent game for those who are fans of turn-based strategy. Be sure to read the included BG.DOC file or have it open while playing for important controls / gameplay information.

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