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C-Robots screenshot
C-Robots gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
C-Robots allows you to program your own battle robots using an extended version of the C programming language. These robots can then battle each other to the death to see which has the most lethal code. Inspired by Robowar on the Apple ][ computer (or maybe also Core War, released a year earlier) creator Tom Poindexter put together his knowledge of programming and lexing to provide this compiler and battle-ground simulator. Simply run CROBOTS.EXE and pass the filenames of the robots you want to battle. (Run CR-DEMO.BAT for a demo using the four included sample robots.) A working knowledge of the C programming language is probably required; then take a look at the included CROBOTS.DOC file or better yet, the updated web-based C-Robots manual, to learn the additional commands, like "scan" and "cannon". Definitely a niche game, but if you already know how to code, or are a beginning looking for a way to practice, this might interest you. (The author has released the original source code for free.)

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