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Tricky Quiky Games DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
This promotional platform game from Nestle Germany has you running around as the the Nestle Bunny (aka "Quiky") collecting Nesquik products. The story: A distinctly Dr Wily-ish villain deferred to as a "crazy doctor" has stolen the recipe book (ostensibly for Nesquik products?) and you must find and return it! The game plays a little like Sonic, a little like Mario, and overall feels a bit floaty. Throughout the fifteen levels you'll be collecting a lot of Nesquik stuff; if you collect the letters to spell NESQUIK you'll get to walk through a pretty boring bonus level. The graphics are decent enough, and have some influence from the Bit Brothers style. Not bad for a free promo game included in cereal boxes, but not great either.

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