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Station screenshot
Station gameplay screenshot
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Station is an unambitiously named simulation game which allows you to take control of a virtual sheep ranch. It's presented in text-mode, where your decisions about what to buy and sell, as well as other seemingly simple choices, control your destiny in the sheep farming business. There are MANY things to buy and sell, and the purpose for each is not immediately apparent. The included documentation offers a few hints, but this supposedly realistic simulation doesn't give you a lot of help. So if you don't know anything about raising and shearing sheep (99%+ of people reading this?) then you will likely have to do a lot of experimentation to figure out what works. (See the end of the included STATION.DOC file for tips.) In any case this looks like a reasonably robust simulation with statistics, random events, and a high scores table. You can also save your game and reload to continue playing later.

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