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Screenshot of Zool Review:  Rating: 3.5
Zool ("Ninja of the 'Nth' dimension") is a colorful platforming game with prominent product placement for Chupa Chups brand candies. The game takes strong inspiration from Sega's Sonic series (the FILE_ID.DIZ below even refers to it as a "Sonic the Hedgehog clone") but it retains its own unique feel. Your character Zool (some sort of ninja) can shoot to take down his enemies as he explores the many candy-laden stages. You can also collect a variety of powerups as you run around the levels. Not the most unique game but it can be entertaining, much like other mascot-based platformers of the era. (Note that you use the Insert key to shoot and arrow keys to move.)
A Sonic the Hedgehog clone. This game plays
similar to the Sega classic Hedghog. Game
requires VGA and supports SoundBlaster,
Adlib, Roland and joystick. There's even an
adjustment to increase his speed! This is a
fully working demo.

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