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Up to 4 players, Network, deathmatch
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No. Violence and/or sexual content
320 × 200

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Screenshot of Death Rally Review:  Rating: 4
Top-down racing games are sort of a sub-genre of the larger racing genre, and Death Rally is a good example of how to do things right. Sort of like Super Sprint with more destruction. The graphics are great, as are the sounds, and the gameplay involves picking up or buying cool weapons to destroy the other cars in the races (hence the name). One of Apogee's later products, this game has all the markings of Apogee's other quality games.
░▒▓█          DEATH RALLY  v1.1          █▓▒░
░▒▓█   Shareware from Apogee Software    █▓▒░
A death race! And you're road kill unless you
can battle your way to the top ranking and
beat the baddest of them all--the Adversary!
The best top-down racing game on the PC has
it all: 3D graphics, cool cars, weapons,
voices, underground market, furious tracks,
even Duke Nukem himself! Made by Remedy Ent.
Supports modem/LAN/serial muliplayer games.
Many, many options and cool features!

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