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Kiloblaster Shareware ($, 530k) - The shareware version of Kiloblaster.

Kiloblaster screenshot
Kiloblaster gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
If you're a fan of Galaxian (or its sequel Galaga) you may want to check out Kiloblaster. This simple shooter seems heavily influenced by those classic arcade games. The aim here is to, of course, shoot down all of the baddies. The gameplay is fairly simplistic, and it is pretty easy to beat, but it could be enjoyable for fans of the shooting genre. The graphics are a bit odd, since it looks like 256 colors are used for the backgrounds, but some of the sprites and scorebox use a more limited EGA-ish color palette, perhaps because the game also works in EGA mode. (As per its listing at RGB Classic Games, the original author Allen Pilgrim released the registered version of the game and source code back in 2008.)
A superb 256-color VGA animated arcade game,
30 levels of fun & wild digitized artwork!
Supports VGA, Joystick, and a Megacool
sound track for the Sound Blaster. The makers
of Jill of the Jungle have returned to bring
you even more *excellent* entertainment.

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