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Marble Mayhem gameplay screenshot
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640 × 480
Marble Mayhem screenshot
Marble Mayhem gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 2.5
Marble Mayhem is not nearly as crazy as its name might suggest. It's a Sokoban clone, and this is freely admitted by the author in the included documentation, where he notes that the levels are copied directly from Sokoban. At least the game itself is fairly well made, with easy to use controls and a no-frills interface which allows you to use the mouse for menus while keeping the keyboard arrow keys for moving around. One of two "warehouses" of levels is included in the shareware version.
░▒▓█ MARBLE MAYHEM by The Mad Doctor ! █▓▒░
Tax your brain ... make it work for once !
Take time off from zapping aliens, getting
all stressed up with Sonic, and relax with
this game of logic .... and soon, you will
find that life isn't what it seems, it's a
whole lot worse ... you thought you had it
good with that cute hedgehog, but now your
worst nightmare is upon you. Use your grey
matter and skill to get those marbles onto
the storage spaces, in all of the 42 rooms
before you go crazy! (VGA+MOUSE required).

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