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320 × 200

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Realms Of Chaos DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
Realms of Chaos is a mostly unknown sidescrolling game by Apogee which is similar to their other sidescrolling games like Duke Nukem or Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage. This one has a fantasy/RPG type feel to it, although there are few RPG elements in the game other than the fact that you can switch on-the-fly between two characters, a warrior-barbarian guy and a sorceress-type girl. Overall it is another fun, solidly built Apogee sidescrolling game.
░▒▓█  Innovative fantasy platform game!  █▓▒░
At any time press a key to tag-team switch
between a male sword welding warrior and a
hot female fireball shooting sorceress! What
more do you want?!  Variety, mysticism, cool
music/sound effects by Bobby Prince (DOOM),
big bosses, gameplay galore?  It's ALL here!
486+ recommended. A blood toggle. Etc., etc.
Just get it and you won't be sorry! Ver 1.0

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