Loonies 8192 screenshot
Loonies 8192 gameplay screenshot
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Single player
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320 × 200
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7800 (Approximate)
Loonies 8192 screenshot
Loonies 8192 gameplay screenshot
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Loonies 8192 is what I'll call a "modern retro" game, or maybe a throwback to the oldschool style of DOS games. Anyways, it's a game in the Tetris genre, more similar to Columns or something of the sort. The goal is to maneuver and rotate the falling 2x2 pieces to create 2x2 (or more) groups of the same color. As the clearing line moves past the blocks, and such groupings will be cleared. As you clear more blocks, the game will get faster and more difficult. It features decent graphics and a soundtrack, all in an executable file that's only 16k! Quite impressive and it plays decently too.

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