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- Run HOLISERP.EXE to play Review:  Rating: 3.5
Quite a nice looking Nibbles-like game, developed by a Finnish team. Here you are a serpent, and must collect flowers while avoiding the skulls, and also avoiding running into your tail. This game looks very nice, and includes some SB effects as well. The only small problem is with the camera: It can be very hard to see what's coming up because of the way it moves, making playing much tougher. (Runs in DOSBox but gets a runtime error when trying to actually play; seems like the accented character in the filename causes a problem.)
* Holiday Serpent * is a great 360
degrees turning wormgame with a
scrolling screen and SVGA graphics.
This is much better than the original
Serpent'99! Uses MIDAS Digital Audio
System. PuavoHard '99, DOS.

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