Alley Driver screenshot
Alley Driver gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($7)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 350
DOSBox Cycles:
2000 (Approximate)
Alley Driver screenshot
Alley Driver gameplay screenshot
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Alley Driver is a very simple "avoid the objects" game where you pilot your car (red square) and avoid trash cans (white squares) and enemy cars (pink squares). As you race along, you may encounter oil slicks (grey patches) and will need to find fuel tanks (green squares) to keep your car moving. Yup, it's all squares! As you "race" to the right, you avoid the things coming at you, except fuel tanks which you'll need to collect to keep driving. It's very simplistic, and I'm not exactly sure what speed it's intended to run at, but 2000 cycles in DOSBox seems about right.

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